Joachim Sparkuhlís Miscellany

Coat of Arms

This publication was issued by the herald of the Berlin Society for Heraldry and Genealogy Studies.† The Arms are described as used by August Heinrich Julius Sparkuhle in Wolfenbuettel around 1788. August was the son of Johannes Andreas. He studied law in Helmstedt and established himself as a lawyer in Wolfenbuettel. He never married and died at age 36.


2. J. Siebenmacherís grosses und allgemeindes Wappenbuch. Verlag von Bauer & Raspe. Nuernberg (1901). Issued by Gustav A. Seyler.


The Arms are described as used by C. Sparkuhl, a pharmacist in St. Andreasberg in 1856. Carl Wilhelm Sparkuhle dropped the final "e" in his name at some point. Carl Wilhelm left the Gymnasium in Celle in 1827 to study pharmacy and apprenticed in Gottschalk's pharmacy in Zellerfeld (now Clausthal-Zellerfeld). There he met his future wife Mathilde Gottschalk, daughter of the owner. He undertook additional studies in pharmacy in Gottingen and leased a pharmacy in St. Andreasberg after 1838 where he also set up a shop selling wine and merchandise.



The Sparkuhl arms as shown in J Siebmacher's grosses und allgemeines Wappenbuch