Joachim Sparkuhl’s Miscellany

The Sparkuhl Name

The Final “e”

Most of the earliest sources give the spelling as Sparkuhl but the variant Sparkuhle is seen as early as 1657 in the International Genealogical Index marriage record of Jobst Sparkuhle to Elisabeth Langing in Stadthagen.  Given the vagaries of spelling in those times it is unclear which version should be given priority. Certainly all of the early individuals of the present genealogy use Sparkuhle and this is still the most common variant in Germany.


In a document (Sparkuhl  2005) drawn up in March 1842 by Wilhelm Georg Christian Sparkuhl [RIN 95] he comments that, since the final “e” is never pronounced, he along with his brothers  Julius Sylvester (RIN 24) and Carl (RIN 96) intend to use the Sparkuhl  spelling  in the future.  While Carl’s descendants actually retained the final “e” the descendants of Wilhelm and Julius did switch to the Sparkuhl spelling.