Dr. Saul Greenberg MD FRCP(C)
2401 Yonge St. #206
Toronto, Ontario M4P 3H1
Tel: 416-485-4419  Fax: 416-485-2936


Dr. Greenberg is a primary care and consulting pediatrician. He offers complete general pediatric services from newborn care through teenagers, in both office and hospital settings.

Dr. Greenberg has been a pediatrician since 1975. He grew up in Toronto, Ontario and attended the University of Toronto. He graduated as the gold medalist (highest ranked student in graduating class at medical school) and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha honour society in 1970. He then completed three years of pediatric residency at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and one year at St. Christopher's Children Hospital, Philadelphia. Dr. Greenberg is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto and is an attending staff physician at the Hospital for Sick Children, where he teaches and supervises pediatric residents on the general pediatric wards. He is also an attending physician at the dermatology clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Greenberg's Philosophy

An important aspect of pediatric care is education and prevention. Pediatricians endeavor to prevent disease by advocating good nutrition, active lifestyles, safety awareness, immunizations, understanding developmental changes, and encouraging loving and consistent home environments. Dr. Greenberg believes that the best health care for your child can be provided when pediatricians and families work together as partners. Parents have intimate knowledge of their own child's unique personality and behavior. Pediatricians have specialized training in the development and diseases of children. Medical training is scientific and based on statistics and experience with large numbers of patients. The use of medical knowledge in caring for individual patients and families is an art requiring empathy, an ability to listen, and flexibility in working out practical solutions. A partnership of physician, patient, and parents requires mutual respect and open communication. Dr. Greenberg encourages your questions.

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