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Medical Topics

The content of these articles and the following list of websites, is for informational purposes only. It is intended to provide educational material and is not designed to provide medical advice. Please consult your doctor regarding any medical issues relating to diseases, conditions, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and side effects.

Attention Deficit Disorder Autism and MMR Vaccine
Blood Disorders Car Seat Safety
Circumcision. Yes or No?
Common cold treatment in children
Feeding problems in children
Fever and taking a child's temperature
Immunologic Disorders
Insect Repellents for Children
Learning Disabilities
MMR Vaccine does NOT cause autism
Out-of-Control Teens - Resources
Picky Eater: The toddler or preschooler who does not eat
Plastic bottles and bisphenols
Skin Disorders Sleep Speech Delay

Teething symptoms

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