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ACARS  is one of the latest hobbies used by  Aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Using a computer and an Air band receiver or scanner, enthusiasts are able to decode uplink and downlink messages from aircraft. The contents of the message usually are just engine parameters, weather requests and arrival ETA's. Each message that is decoded includes the aircraft registration and flight number.

 Several freeware decoders are out on the web and some are available at reasonable prices. 

Also available are Database type programs to sort the endless amounts of data.  

See our Decoders link on the top of the page.



 See ***Latest News*** for the latest info on this page Updated Nov 5/2007......... Thanks for visiting CYYZ ACARS Network....


***Latest News***

Nov 5/2007  Still playing with my RadarBox and enjoying the benefit's of SBS technology. Running 2 ACARSD computers with one as a Server. The other one runs and creates logs daily. If you can't find what you are looking for please e-mail your requests. Most logs are sent to my Yahoo Group called YYZACARS.

July 11/2007    Ordered my latest gadget, an Airnav Radar Box. Should be here by the weekend. Will be trying to join the Network and provide some Canadian coverage. There may a few days where I take it with me to go spotting to get the best results. Will add a small write up in a few weeks after I have everything figured out.

January 27/2007   Still looking for any local ACARS loggers out there. Contributions of your logs would be appreciated. Also located the Understanding ACARS book I have been looking for (thanks Pete!). Updated a few links and pages. Thanks for stopping by.

July 10/2006 Continuing with uploading my logs to the YYZACARS Yahoo Group. 3 frequencies and two separate logs daily. Also contributions by Neil (Kingston) and Tony (Burlington). Also looking for a copy of this book, if anyone knows where to find a copy. Understanding ACARS, by Ed Flynn.


Jan 27/2006  Direct Link to YYZ ACARS Yahoo Group Here.    Logs uploaded daily from several sources. Most comprehensive ACARS Group for one dedicated area.


Jan 17/2006  After a major hard drive loss and lost files (ftp) I have created a Yahoo Group that covers CYYZ (Toronto) ACARS Logs.  To join follow this link and use this as your source for ACARS Logs out of Toronto.  Thanks for your continued visits and I hope that by posting daily logs automatically at midnight EST you will not have to wait for your tie-ups. If you have any suggestions for improvements please e-mail me at   


July 1/2005  Uploaded January to end of June zip files and made a few adjustments. Hope you find the logs you are after. If not, please feel free to e-mail me for the file you are after.  2 Servers running 24 hours a day via ACARSD Client or JACARS. Look for and to log on.

May 26/05  Just getting some time these days to update the page, life is busy. I do have all my logs and any requests will be answered and files can be sent by e-mail. Provide the date and I'll send them off to you.

Now in the process of uploading all my 2005 files to the "Toronto Logs Section"


Sept 5/04: Purchased a used PIII computer (thanks Tony W.) to setup a full time ACARSD Server to run 24 hours a day and run both 131.550 and 136.850.  Had a small Modem problem the last week of August and it is fixed now. My thanks to Ted, Tony B. and Nev for their daily logs and support.  Thanks guys! 

Aug 19/04: Continuing my YYZ Server and trying to keep it going for 24 hours at a time for our European loggers. Hope it helps.

Aug 02/04:  Files are current to the end of July after a week long spotting trip to the UK. I want to thank Tony, Kevin, Andy, John, Gary and Gary S. for their assistance and info on this amazing trip. We did many airports and a few museums. Also a 2 day trip to Toulouse (+ Airbus Factory Tour) and Bordeaux.  Still doing my logs but up to 950 new frames!   Thanks guys!  SC

July 04/04:  Updated my server tp the latest version of ACARSD (1.50) and would like to thank Keith D. from the UK for his help getting everything in order.  Thanks Keith!   Will also be on holidays July 16th to 25th so there will not be any logs of mine but will have several of Ted's, Nev's and Tony Berry's to upload. Air Canada's new A340-500 is around and you should be able to catch it in the UK shortly.  C-GKOM is the Reg.

June 05/04: Summer brings good weather and the latest new schedules for the summer season at CYYZ.  Many of the flights are found in the logs: LTU and Condor .  Also with the Blueridge CRJ's that flew for United being replaced by Air Wisconsin, this has created a problem with ACARS and spotting. Air Wisconsin does not use ACARS in their aircraft.  

May 09/04: Continuing to run the Server and we are getting anywhere up to 20 Clients logged on.  Thanks, it's nice to see all the ACARS interest out there.  We lost Tony Berry's files as his scanner gave up the ghost and it isn't worth repairing. Tony is out there running JACARS (another amazing program!) and I wish Tony all the best and thanks for your contributions!

April 24/04: Special thanks to Tony Wright for creating an ACARS Converter program so I can post my ACARSD files in the format that I prefer to use.  Thanks Tony!

April 10/04: Server is back and thanks to KJM for  a Great program.  If you are using the client Software, have you used the "Important Contacts" feature? Enter in the flight# or Reg and it will notify you as soon as it has contact of that info. Another super feature of ACARSD.

March 14/04: ACARSD Server has been up daily with a few interruptions. Anyone tried using the Client Program? Welcome to Nev, newest member of the team supplying logs from 129.125 and 130.450. Thanks Nev! 

Feb 15/04: Will be trying to run ACARSD Server daily and have Tony's 131.550 logs and will only provide ACARSD logs by request only. Or download and install ACARSD Client to log on.

Jan 27/04: ACARSD Server is up and I'm testing it all week (see notes in Daily Logs page)

Jan 04/04: CYYZ ACARS Network becomes a  WebRing member

Jan 03/04: Ted's Excel Spreadsheet of Westbound European Flights is current for all of 2003

Dec 28/03: Happy New Year!  to all our visitors, all the best in 2004!

Nov 30/03: Chris Cummings sends his message logs (see note in Daily Logs)

Nov 21/03: Tony Berry joins the network with his daily logs





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