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A few words about this coaching board I purchase, this is the best coaching tool I have ever owned. I have found it makes it much easier for the kids to visualise when we are teaching them positioning. The kids find it to much more interesting than just lines on a board, it captures and retains their attention. I have recommended this to all of our organizations coaches.

David from Toronto, Ontario
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Would have been great to have, when I was coaching 40 years ago! No batteries to worry about, and no moving parts to break! Simple to use, easy to see from all angles, and the kids love it! Best of all - a great long-term buy for the money.
Fred from Ottawa
I had the privilege to use the Coaching Board for the first time this season, I think this it the perfect tool for any coach to show players proper positioning in the room and on the fly while they are on the bench. The Board is easy to use and captures the players attention and keeps there attention while they are receiving the instructions. The Coaching Board is rugged and holds up to the everyday use at the rink and at home while my kids would play around with it and ask questions about positioning. I have used the old style dry erase boards in the passed and they would either break or not erase as well half way through the season, with the KNOX BOARD the kids, aged 11-13, would pay attention and play with the board to ask questions and it lasted the season without a scratch, I would recommend this board to all levels of coaches as it will make it easier and faster to show a child different positioning throughout the game.

Paul O'Grady, Assistant coach Pee-wee "A" Nepean Ont.
My KNOX BOARD is a real asset. I cannot believe that a product like this took so long to get here! Its simple and durable design is eye catching and easy to use, it captures and keeps the players attention and allows your message to get through. Throw away your collection of dry erase pens, dirty rags, and your grey coaching draw down boards, you will be glad you did. I was so impressed after I received my Knox Tech Board I had a large custom model made to use in my in class sessions. If you are serious about coaching, you need this.
Joe Krekeler, Head Coach, Nepean Pirates
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