• Reverbs
• Pitch Shifter
MD2, Multiband Dynamics
• Digital Toolbox
• Delays
• Ambience
• Tap Fac
• Nonlin
• Chorus
• Flanger
• Revpitch
• Sampling
• SMPTE Reader
• EQ
• Phaser

Esay to Use
• Intuitive and user-friendly interface - adjust what you want when you want
• Learn to operate the M5000 in 5 minutes and teach the operation to your client in 5 minutes as well
• Store your personal presets on disk and bring them to different studios / events

• Configure the M5000 to exactly match your needs
• Add more processors in the same 2U frame
• Easy to service with quick module swaps
• Add optional functions simply by entering a code
• DSP-1 Card: Digital Processor without Digital I/O
• ADA 24/96 Card: Converter Card

• Store new software permanently in M5000 in just 60 seconds
• All new functions and algorithms are built around the same logical and intuitive user-friendly interface
• Modular hardware constuction