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Should You Let Them See This?

Many Muslims reading this publication will wonder if they can let Christians and Jews see it. The answer is yes. Although the primary target readership is Muslim callers to Islam, yet the material will be presented in a style accessible to readers of the Bible as well.

Many Muslim publications have made the mistake of presenting the message in a harsh tone. Although they give useful information, they also easily offend people. It is the intention behind this publication to persuade, not to offend. Hence the tone will respect that.

It is also possible that someone may dislike what he or she reads here, especially if many years of upbringing have conditioned a different belief than is expressed here. But rest assured that every effort will be made to minimize and totally avoid provocation. Nevertheless the truth often hurts initially until a person can recover from the initial impact and then finally accept the truth.

The bottom line is to let them see this publication. Yet, do not ever present this as though it is a hammer with which to hit people over the head. It is a collection of useful bits and bites: food for thought. If you can get people to think your battle is won.