Who needs this?
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Who needs this Journal?

Many Muslims need this journal. Many Christians and Jews need this journal. Many curious individuals need to read this journal.

First, many Muslims are involved or should be involved in calling other people to the true faith of Islam. Many Muslims are in regular communication with Jews and Christians. In such communication there arises many opportunities for sharing the messages which Allah made it mandatory for Muslims to communicate. This magazine will help such Muslims to convey the message in a concise and effective way. The verses of the Bible which this magazine will draw to your attention will give you an upper edge in dealing with people who respect the Bible. One of the most effective way of getting your points across is to show that it is a fact attested to by the book which they trust or respect.

Many Christians and Jews can also benefit from reading this magazine. The articles written here will not be written for such a target audience. Yet the information will be useful to them; it will help them to understand the book better and to better see the truth of Islam while reading their own book.

Many curiosity seekers will also benefit from reading this magazine. There are many who are constantly visited by Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons and other preachers of the Bible. Such hosts would need good information to bounce off their visitors to see how they attempt to answer. People are mostly curious. And often their curiosity can lead them to knowledge and hence to Islam.

Christian missionaries can also benefit from reading this journal. To do an effective job they will need to know what points they may be called upon to answer. If they cannot answer the points they find in this publication they should realise that time has come for them to now accept the truth of Islam. In recent times we have noticed that some missionaries are quite aggressive in preaching against Islam. The proper antidote for this tendency is to help such missionaries see the light of Islam shining forth from the Bible itself.