Recommended For Players 9 years of Age and Up

2 Great Games to Collect!


"Quest for the Princess Crystal "

In the Role-playing table top game “Quest for the Princess Crystal”, the Princess is missing, and she must be found before it is too late. The King has offered Knighthoods to all that help in the recovery of his daughter. You will need every special skills and magical item to face this Calinarian Dungeon. Work together or die alone: the choice is up to you.
And so it begins...

"The Thief's Quest "

 In the Role-playing table top game “The Thief’s Quest” you want to be a Thief, but it's not as easy as you think. First rule, don't steal from your friends: you are going to need them when you meet the dragon, and other foul creatures that inhabit the dungeons in Calinar. Second rule, find as much money as you can: you'll need it to keep healthy and supplied.
And so it begins...

"I played D&D, but now FlipQuest (comeon guys....just go to and check it out....this game will be your hero forever)"
Dark Rose
-- Flipquest Gamer

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