Recommended For Players 14 years of Age and Up

The briefing room suddenly becomes quiet as the Colonel walks up to the
podium. "Men, we have just deciphered a message from the German High
Command to the German Commander in the French town of Nancy. A Company
of Special Troops will be arriving with a large shipment of Nazi gold
coins. It is their job to hide and guard the gold. To ensure the
loyalty of the troops, they are to be paid with that gold." The Colonel
stops reading and looks our way. "It seems the Nazis know the war is
going badly, and that their Marks will soon be worthless. Your mission
will be to relieve the Nazis of as much gold as possible. Unfortunately
you will be parachuting into an area that makes extraction quite
impossible. You should use whatever resources you have or can find to
continue your mission. You may use the gold coins to buy supplies, as
long as you keep it from the Nazis. We have contacts in the French
Resistance, and that will be how we communicate future missions.”

And So It Begins.....

"I look forward to this game because it offers something few wargames
do, the opportunity for players to work together, instead of always
being in conflict, not to mention the rest of the RPG aspect. Good luck with the release, I wish you lots of success! "
Cantata -- Wargamer member


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