ShaRaRa Puppies - 2005

Passiflora Rosa Damascena x Ch Su-Khyi Sha Ra Ra Ani La


Ani enjoyed her vacation in Germany to be bred to Leo. Three boys and three girls were born on January 18, 2005

Ani with her pups about an hour after they were born

1 week old

2 weeks old

2 weeks old


Passiflora Rosa Damascena Lehlam Kalyani of Passiflora Lehlam Boun-Sah
Lehlam Sa-Shar
Passiflora Rosa Gallica Tsering Dholmah Nima
Lehlam Chrysantheme of Passiflora
Ch Su-Khyi Sha Ra Ra Ani La ROM Am Ch Su-Khyi Skam Glog Am Ch Su-Khyi Humphrey Bogart
Am Ch Su-Khyi Da-Ri Sta
Am/Can Ch MeTshag Su-Khyi Bright Horizon Ch Shergol Go-La ROM
Am/Can Ch Su-Khyi Me-Tshag Mukhi

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