Sharon H. Nelson

Mad Women & Crazy Ladies

Sunken Forum Press, 1983, 69pp.

Cover Art and Book Design by Murielle Lewis

The Poem's Shore


Mad Women & Crazy Ladies is a picture gallery in which women from different ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds speak about their lives. "A Footstool in Heaven" is the story of moving day in a Jewish family. "Meditation" tells the story of an Irish Catholic woman's spiritual development. "Farm Report" is the musings of a farm woman escaped to the city and haunted and hunted by an angry husband. "'All the Dead Dears,' a biography," responds to the work and life of Sylvia Plath as a paradigm of the experience of women writers. This overtly feminist collection presents oppression, growth, escape, images of women, and women's bodies as cultural constructs.

Sharon H. Nelson. 15 March 1999.