Curriculum Vitae

Sharon H. Nelson

M.A. English, Concordia University, Montreal, 1980
B.A. English and Religion, Sir George Williams University, Montreal, 1970

Managing Editor

Metonymy Productions, 1981-present

Project Editor

Programming With Turing and Object Oriented Turing, by Peter Grogono, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg & N.Y., 1995: ISBN 0-387-94517-2.
Problem Solving and Computer Programming, Peter Grogono and Sharon H. Nelson, Addison Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1982: ISBN 0-210-02460-8.
Programming in Pascal, by Peter Grogono, Addison Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1978: ISBN 0-201-02473-X.
Programming in Pascal, rev. ed., by Peter Grogono, Addison Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1980: ISBN 0-201- 02775-5.
Programming in Pascal with Pascal 1000, by Peter Grogono, Addison Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1980, ISBN 0-201-02889-1.
Programming in Pascal, 2nd ed., by Peter Grogono, Addison Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1984: ISBN 0-201-12070-4.
Mouse: A Language for Microcomputers, by Peter Grogono, Petrocelli Books, N.J., 1983, ISBN 0-89433-201-5.

Contributing Editor

Feminist Research and Editorial Group, 1982-present
The Simone de Beauvoir Institute Newsletter, 1979-1980
The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, 1965-1967


University of Jyvaskyla, Jyvaskyla, Finland

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

Book Publications, Poetry

Packaging: The Purim Papers, Metonymy Productions, April 2000, 32 pp.
Book Ends, above/ground press, 1995, 20 pp.
Family Scandals, The Muses' Company, 1994, 121 pp.
Grasping Men's Metaphors, The Muses' Company, 1993, 98 pp.
The Work of Our Hands, The Muses' Company, 1992, 115 pp.
Mad Women & Crazy Ladies, Sunken Forum Press, 1983, 68 pp.
Blood Poems, Fiddlehead, 1978, 80 pp.
Seawreck, Fiddlehead, 1973, 32 pp.
Sayings of My Fathers, The Menard Press, 1972, 72 pp.
A Broken Vessel, Delta Canada, 1972, 60 pp.
Delta Quarterback Six, Delta Canada, 1970, 8 pp.

Arts Activism And Community Development

I have served as mentor, resource person, and editor for new and established writers, have hosted visiting writers, writing workshops, and community development committee meetings in my home, and have read at and helped to organize benefits, conferences, and fund-raising events.

I have contributed to the development of the arts community in Canada and to the recognition of women within that community. In 1976, under the auspices of the Concordia University Women's Centre, I designed and taught Concordia's first "Poetry Workshop For Women" and I have continued professionally and as a volunteer to teach, edit, and mentor women writers. In 1979, I served as volunteer editor of The Simone de Beauvoir Institute Newsletter. In 1980, with Nell TenHaaf, I founded and coordinated "Poets At Powerhouse," a successful series of readings by women poets at Powerhouse Gallery on which we collaborated until the end of the 1982.

In 1981, with Leona Gom, I co-founded and coordinated the Feminist Caucus of the League of Canadian Poets, and in 1982-83 I served as both Caucus Coordinator and National Executive member for the League. I served also on the first jury for the Lowther Award and established the need to fund it.

In 1982, for Status of Women Canada, I designed a research project and coordinated research for, wrote, and edited "Women and Writing in Canada, a Report and Analysis of Research Findings." This material, part of which was published in Fireweed as "Bemused, Branded, and Belittled: Women and Writing in Canada" provoked awareness of sexist practices and stimulated change in arts organizations, policies, and programs. As part of my feminist work, I also presented findings to the Department of Communications about "Women and Writing," spoke at Alberta's Celebration of Women in the Arts about "Arts Activism," and to CRIAW about "The Sexual Politics of Poetry."

In 1982 and 1983 I served as the Quebec representative and organizer for the Women and Words Conference that took place in Vancouver in July, 1983. For that conference I organized and chaired the panels "The Sexual Politics of Canadian Arts and Culture," and "Strategies for Change," and I participated in "Translation: Relationship Between Writer and Translator."

In 1991-92 I drafted the constitution for and co-founded the Federation of English-language Writers of Quebec, which I served as Chief Operations Officer in 1992, Chair of Advisory Board in 1992-93, and Coordinator of Community Development Planning in 1993. In 1992-93, with Judith Mappin, I co-coordinated The Double Hook Readings Series.

In 1992, at a celebration to honour the founding of the Feminist Caucus, I delivered the keynote address to the League of Canadian Poets' Annual General Meeting, "Lieder Singen/Tantzen Unter: Poetry, Sexuality, and Politics," broadcast in Ottawa and by CKUT, a Montreal community station.

Sharon H. Nelson. 15 March 1999.