Packaging: The Purim Papers, a 32-page saddle stitched chapbook, white paper, textured blue cover, was published in an edition of 100 numbered copies in honour of International Women's Day March 2000 and Purim 5760.

In this witty, multi-genre text, Nelson combines poetry with fable, satire with aesthetic theory, and myth with midrash in a feminist work about traditions of visualization: how we see what we see and what we see because of how we see. From the musical imagery of "How To Read A Poem" to the exploration of 'images of women' in "The Woman I Am?" through the re-telling of the story of the beautiful Hadassah, who became the duplicitous Esther, a concubine celebrated as a queen, to the emotionally starved "Empress of Ice Cream", Nelson shows us with passion and compassion how women survive.


"I hadn't started to look at Nelson's work in a Jewish community context. I see it more as a voice from many places with a sometimes Jewish vocabulary and idiom, which she uses well to communicate beyond that community."
Sharron Wall, McGill University

"I can't let too much more time pass without saying how much I loved, loved, loved the book by Sharon Nelson. I haven't had enough of that kind of gutsy feminism in such an artful form in a long time. . . . As different as I find her experience to be from mine in many respects, there's a lot I recognize, too. It's just good poetry."
Adrienne Drobnies, Simon Fraser University

Packaging: The Purim Papers is available from Metonymy Productions for $10, postage and handling included. To order, please send name, postal address, and a cheque or money order [US orders in $US please] to Metonymy Productions, 4125 Beaconsfield Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4A 2H4.

Sharon H. Nelson. 23 May 2000.