Publications, Performance, and Broadcast

Sharon H. Nelson

Poetry, Books And Chapbooks

This Flesh These Words, Ekstasis Editions, November 2002, 88pp.
Packaging: The Purim Papers, Metonymy Productions, April 2000, 32 pp.
Book Ends, above/ground press, Ottawa, Ont., 1995, 20 pp.
Family Scandals, The Muses' Company, Dorion, Que., 1994, 121 pp.
Grasping Men's Metaphors, The Muses' Company, Dorion, Que., 1993, 98 pp.
The Work of Our Hands, The Muses' Company, Dorion, Que., 1992, 115 pp.
Mad Women & Crazy Ladies, Sunken Forum Press, Dewitteville, Que., 1983, 68 pp.
Blood Poems, Fiddlehead, Fredericton, N.B., 1978, 80 pp.
Seawreck, Fiddlehead, Fredericton, N.B., 1973, 32 pp.
Sayings of My Fathers, The Menard Press, London, U.K., 1972, 72 pp.
A Broken Vessel, Delta Canada, Montreal, Que., 1972, 60 pp.
Delta Quarterback Six, Delta Canada, 1970, 8 pp.

Poetry In Anthologies

At Our Core: Women Writing About Power, ed. Sandra Martz, Papier Mache Press, Watsonville, Ca., 1998, ISBN 1-57601-007-4: "Silencing", 1-4.
Grow Old Along With Me, ed. Sandra Martz, Papier Mache Press, Watsonville, Ca., 1996, ISBN 0-918949-86-6 and 0-918949-87-4: "Spring Cleaning", 82-84.
Jerusalem; An Anthology Of Jewish Canadian Poetry, ed. Seymour Mayne and Glen Rotchin, Véhicule Press, Montreal, Que., 1996, ISBN 1-55065-076-9: "Jerusalem The Golden" pp. 34-37 and "Jerusalem Poem: One", 37-39.
Vintage 94, ed. Sandra Nicholls, Quarry, Kingston, Ont., 1995, ISBN 55082-149-0: "Editorial Remarks", 73-75.
I Am Becoming the Woman I've Wanted, ed. Sandra Martz, Papier Mache Press, Watsonville, Ca., 1994, ISBN 0-918949-50-5 and 0-918949-49-1: "Premenstrual Syndrome", 90-93.
Windhorse Reader: Choice Poems of '93, ed. John Castlebury, Samurai Press, Yarmouth, N.S., 1994, "From Song of Innocence and Experience".
Vintage 1993, ed. Maria Jacobs, Quarry, Kingston, Ont., 1994, ISBN 1-55082-122-9: "Portrait of A Lady", 33.
Kitchen Talk, ed. Edna Alford & Claire Harris, Red Deer Press, Red Deer, Alberta, 1992, ISBN 0-889995-091-1: "September", 71; "the woman's testimony", 233-236.
The Other Language, ed. Endre Farkas, The Muses' Company, Dorion, Que., 1989, ISBN 0-919754-23-6 and 0-919754-25-1: "The Women: Russia/1946"; "Horticulture"; "Winter Solstice" ,74-76.
Celebrating Canadian Women, ed. Greta Nemiroff, Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Toronto, Ont., 1989, ISBN 0-88902-646-7: "scream", 346-47.
Relations; Family Portraits, ed. Kenneth Sherman, Mosaic, Oakville, Ont., 1986, ISBN 0-88962-338-4:"Mothers", 32.
Essential Words, ed. Seymour Mayne, Oberon, Ottawa, Ont., 1985, ISBN 887505767 and 887505775: "Channaleh" and "Rite of Passage", 107-114.
Here Is a Poem, ed. Florence MacNeil, League of Canadian Poets, Toronto, Ont., 1983, ISBN 0-9690327-2-2: "Still Life", 97; "Spring In The Maritime Provinces", 127.
Full Moon, ed. Janice LaDuke and Stephen Luxton, Quadrant, Dunvegan, Ont., 1983, ISBN 0-86495-028-4: "A Footstool In Heaven"; "Horticulture"; "Farm Report", 120-130.
Crosscut, ed. Peter VanToorn & Ken Norris, Vehicule Press, Montreal, Que., 1982, ISBN 0-919890-38-5; 0-919890-39-3:"Anomaly" "Fate" "Calipers for the Moon", 179-182.
Poesie de Montreal Poems, ed. Keitha MacIntosh, Sunken Forum Press, Montreal, Que., 1981, ISBN 0-920208-05-3:"Waiting for Layton"; "Of Grace and Cakes"; "Quilted Guilt/Guilted Quilt"; "Amalthea At Cumae"; "Elijah In Poland", 58-63.
Voices Within the Ark; The Modern Jewish Poets, ed. Anthony Rudolf & Howard Schwartz, Avon Books, New York, 1980, ISBN 0-380-76109-2: "Pedlar", 765.

Poetry In Magazines

Arc 31, Ottawa, Ont., Autumn 93, ISSN 0705-6397, "Mother In The Kitchen", 68-69.
Atlantis 7:1, Halifax, N.S., Fall 1981, ISSN 0702-7818: "Spring In The Maritimes", 134.
Canadian Forum LXIX, #799, Ottawa, Ont., May 1991: "Heresy, a Progress Report", 22-23.
Canadian Journal of Contemporary Literary Stuff 1:2, Ottawa, Ont., Winter 1998, ISSN 1206-8314: "Making Texts 1,2,3,4" and "Wheels", 6,7,8.
Canadian Woman Studies 12:2, Toronto, Ont., Winter 1992, ISSN 0713-3235: "Learning By Hand", 10.
Canadian Woman Studies 16:4, Toronto, Ont., Fall 1996, ISSN 0713-3235: from "The Cycle of the Jewish Year"; "Rosh Hashanah 1991, 1 & 2", "Simchat Torah 1953", "Shabbes, Autumn/Winter 1992", "Hope for an Early Spring, Purim 1993", 42-43.
Locus, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., Spring 1992 "Special Company", p. 32.
Matrix 30, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., Winter 1990 ISSN 0318-3610: "Gifts", 58.
Matrix 32, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., Fall 1990: "The Length Of Days", 59.
Matrix 35, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., 1991: "Silencing"; "Potlatch"; "The Amazons' Tale"; "Words Ring With Music Beyond Their Sound"; "Form and Structure", 64-69.
Matrix 42, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., Winter 1994: "The Season for the Naming Of Flowers", 30-31.
Matrix 38, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., Fall 1992: "Freilach", 59.
The New Quarterly XI:4, Waterloo, Ont., Winter 1992, ISSN 0227-0455: "September"; "Spring Cleaning", 57-60.
Other Voices 7:1, Edmonton, Alberta, Spring 1994, ISSN 0838-4789: "Perspective: family paintings", 63-67.
Other Voices 9:1, Edmonton, Alberta, Spring 1996: "Confession"; "Domestic Bliss", 18-19.
Poetry Review 63:3, London, England, Autumn 1972: "Grandmother's Matrimonial Rite"; "Another Poem About Grandmother"; "Poem from My Father", 270-277.
Prism '68, Sir George Williams University, Monteral, Que., 1968: "To Peter for Peter from Peter or I", 32-33.
Room Of One's Own 3:1, Vancouver, B.C., ISSN 0316-1609: "ingestion" "Poem for a CrazyWoman", 58-63.
Room Of One's Own 5:1&2, Vancouver, B.C., "An Occasional Poem For Dorothy Livesay's Birthday", 115.
Room Of One's Own 5:3. Vancouver, B.C., "Three Sky Images: "Women Hold Up Half The Sky"; "Our Half of the Sky"; "Which Half of the Sky?", 44-46.
Room Of One's Own 7:1&2, 1982, Vancouver, B.C., "Mad Women & Crazy Ladies"; "Farm Report", 69-75.
Room of One's Own 17:2, Vancouver, B.C., 1994: "How To Read A Poem"; "The Woman I Am?"; "To Embrace Is To Confess"; "Act Two"; "The Empress of Ice Cream", 59-78.
Shirim, Los Angeles, Ca., Fall 1983, "Rite of Passage".
This Magazine 18:4, Toronto, Ont., November 1984, ISSN 0381-3746: "Gross National Viewpoints 10:3, Montreal, Que., Winter 1980: "Or, Yiddish In America", 43.
Viewpoints 10:3, Montreal, Que., Winter 1980: Translation with Friema Boroditsky of Mordecai Husid's poem, "Sabbath Candles", 48.
Viewpoints II:3, Montreal, Que., Winter 1981: "Pilpul" 47.

Prose In Magazines

Athanor 1:4, Montreal, Quebec, 1981, ISSN 0709-9592: "Poets At Powerhouse".
Broadside, Toronto, Ont., Nov. 1981: "The Sexual Politics of Poetry".
Canadian Forum LXV:748, Ottawa, Ont., April 1985: "The Art of the Budget".
Canadian Forum LXIX:797, Ottawa, Ont., April 1991: "Shooting the Bull,"
Canadian Woman Studies 12:3, Toronto, Ont., Spring 1992, ISSN 0713-3235: Review of Robin Potter's Interior Designs.
capilano review
Series 2, #23, North Vancouver, B.C., Fall 1997, ISSN 0315-3754: "A Just Measure: breath, line, body in the work of bill bissett", 35-51.
Fireweed15, Toronto, Ont., December 1982, ISSN 0706-3857: "Bemused, Branded, and Belittled: Women and Writing in Canada".
League of Canadian Poets Newsletter, Toronto, Ont., Summer 1981, "The Sexual Politics of Poetry".
Matrix 35, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., "Incandescent Poems", review of Unfinished Dreams ed. & tr. Cogswell and Elder, 82-84.
Matrix 38, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que., Autumn, 1992, ISSN 0318-3610: "Lieder Singen/Tantzen Unter: Poetry, Sexuality, and Politics."
Other Voices 10:1, Edmonton, Alberta, Spring 1997, ISSN 0838-4789: "Moving?"
Other Voices 9:2, Edmonton, Alberta, Fall 1996: "Making Cabbage Rolls, Making Culture".
La Parole Métèque 17/18, Montreal, Que., Hiver-Printemps 1991: "Metaphors, Analogies, and Things That Go Bump in the Night".
Quarry 30:4, Kingston, Ont., Review of Six Poets of B.C., ed. Skelton, 156-159.
Quarry 31:3, Kingston, Ont., Review of Kate Bitney's While You Were Out, 102-105.
The Radical Reviewer #6, Vancouver, B.C., Spring 1982: "Canadian Women Writers, Part 1: Some Issues and Problems".
The Radical Reviewer #7/8, Vancouver, B.C., Autumn 1982: Canadian Women Writers, Part 2: Biological Determinism as Literary Criticism".
Room of One's Own 18:2, Vancouver, B.C., Summer 1995, ISSN 0316-1609: Review of Sharon Batt's Patient No More: The Politics Of Breast Cancer.
This Magazine
18:6, Toronto, Ont., 1985, ISSN 0381-3746: "Gross National Product, Part 2".

Prose In Anthologies Or Chapbooks

Stats, Memos & Memory; Living Archives of the Feminist Caucus of the League of Canadian Poets, (chapbook) ed. Cathy Ford, League of Canadian Poets, Toronto, Ont., 1992, ISBN 0-9690327-5-7 and ISSN 1188-8504: "The Sexual Politics of Poetry" and "Metaphors, Analogies, and Things That Go Bump In the Night", 21-46.
Turning the Tables, ed. O'Sullivan, Sheba Feminist Publishers, London, England, 1987, ISBN 0 907179-37-1: "A Clutch of Salads", 173-186.

Technical Books

Problem Solving and Computer Programming, Peter Grogono and Sharon H. Nelson, Addison Wesley: Reading, Mass., 1982; Kindai Kagaku Sha: Tokyo, 1985; Narosa: New Delhi, 1987.

Problem Solving And Computer Programming is part of the ongoing work produced by the Grogono/Nelson writer/editor collaboration. In 1981, the collaboration resulted in the founding of Metonymy Productions, a company that specializes in the production of technical literature but provides general editorial services at every level worldwide. Though Nelson normally remains editorially off the cover, her contribution was such that Metonymy decided she should appear as an author.

Visual and Performing Arts

"Gifts" was used as one of the texts for A Sign of the Times Poster Project produced by Ian Ferrier/NuAge Editions/The Muses' Co., Montreal, 1993.

"Winter Solstice" was produced as a silkscreen by Murielle Lewis/Dormer Distribution, Montreal, 1983.

Mad Women & Crazy Ladies/Femmes folles et dames démantes became the title and basis for a choreography by Gabriella Orbach and score by Christine Beckett for performance by Logokinesis, Montreal 1982, 1983.

Calipers for the Moon/Compas pour la lune and The Poem's Shore/Le rivage du poême became the title and basis for a choreography by Gabriella Orbach and score by Christine Beckett for performance by Logokinesis: Montreal 1981, 1982, 1983; Ottawa 1983.

In the Beginning, a sound track for the film directed by Stan VanDerBeek, produced by Peter Grogono, EMS London, 1972.

Ennui, a one-act play, was produced by SNAX, Montreal, Henry F. Fall Theatre, 1967.

Broadcast Material

Wired for Words, reading produced by Ian Ferrier, CKUT Radio, Montreal, Jan., 1995
CBC Saturday Spotlight, CBC Radio, reading at Bistro 4, Montreal, Jan. 16, 1995
The Jewish Program, 30 minute feature interview and reading produced and conducted by Leslie Lutsky for Radio Centre Ville, Montreal, August 1992
Discourses, Interview, produced by Joy Gugeler for CKCU Radio, Ottawa, June 1992
"Lieder Zingen/Tantzen Unter: Poetry, Sexuality, and Politics," CKUT Radio, Montreal, June 1992
Special Blend, 20 minute reading and interview with Marty Flomen for CKCU Radio, Ottawa, May 1992
Off The Pedestal, 20 minute reading and interview by Ronnie Brown for CKCU Radio, Ottawa, May 1992
Cabbages And Kings, 20 minute feature interview and reading, interview by Ronnie Brown, produced by Bob Gougeon for CHUO Radio, Ottawa, May 1992
Postscript, 30 minute feature interview and reading, produced and conducted by John Cowan for CFCF TV, April 1992
CBC Saturday Spotlight, interview and reading, produced by Shelley Pomerantz, CBC Radio, Montreal, April 1992
Hersay, 40 minute interview by Katriona Smith for CKUT, Montreal, April 1992
Hersay, "Food For Thought", interview by Wendy Putman for CKUT, Nov., 1991
Hersay, "Rituals," reading and discussion, CKUT Radio, Montreal, 1990
"Le Rivage du Poeme," produced by Tom Konyves for Radio Canada, 1983
"Mad Women & Crazy Ladies," reading produced by Betsy Warland for Vancouver Co-op Radio, May 1983
"Sexism in Canadian Writing and Publishing," interview by Betsy Warland for Vancouver Co-op Radio, May 1983

Sharon H. Nelson. 15 March 1999.