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March 16, 2007, we said a sad good-bye to our Ch Shelamo Instantly Classic, "Vision".  Being the 1st born to our Shelamo name, and our 1st home bred Champion we can't thank her enough for being a loyal, affectionate & willing spirit, a great ambassador for the breed, and from this we continue to have the inspiration of being a part of this wonderful world of shelties.

Our "Vision" will always be by our side.

Maureen started out in 1967 with her first sheltie "Kraker-jak" from the kennel owned by Helen Lovett, Ronas Hill shelties. She started in the first ever Puppy Kindergarten class held by the BDOC club in Ottawa.  She was the first youngest to ever complete PK through to UD!  "Kraker-jak" & Maureen always obtained a 1st or 2nd with every qualifying score! Unfortunately "Kraker-jak" had cancer by 8 years and had to be put down.  Maureen continued her love for animals by working with Health & Welfare Canada for 10 years, specifically with a breeding colony of wild primates and also the primate infant nursery.  She wrote a paper in 1978 on the breeding of these wild monkeys and won the TEKLAD speakers award with an organization in the animal care industry.

Maureen returned to shelties in 1988 when life settled down and purchased her next sheltie Arhope Dunisla Call Me Sibeau C.D.X from Earl & Kerry Proctor of Arhope Shelties.  "Sibeau" was a super obedience dog, always willing to please, but a fly ball accident curtailed his ability to compete for his U.D.  "Sibeau" forgot to read the book on size! (he ended up being 20" tall) so it was early in 1989 Maureen obtained a tri show quality male, then only 10 months old, Ch Arhope Simply Sinful C.D.X. "Logan".  Maureen trained and showed "Logan" to his obedience and conformation titles.  Also during the first 5 years of training "Sibeau" & "Logan",  Maureen was one of the Instructors for the BDOC club, teaching mostly the C.D. & C.D.X levels. 

"Logan" was retired and placed in a home when he was 8 years old and became a house mouse, passing away in 2000.  "Sibeau" continued to be the best buddy until he passed away in September 2001.

It was a stud service in 1991 on "Logan", that through one of his resultant get, Ch Watch Out For Black Ice, that Maureen and Michael met.

"Shelby's" first liter was born in 1993, and Ch Shelamo Instantly Classic began the Shelamo kennel name.  Maureen & Michael combined their efforts in 1996 and established their home in a country setting, allowing for the kennel to grow.




One of our biggest thrills to date was taking a Best Puppy In Show in November 2000 with our boy "Rocky". Not only did he become BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector but also was one of 20 chosen in a competition for "Purina Champions" sponsored by Nestle Purina. He's continued in his winning ways @ 10+ yrs by going Best of Opposite at the CC&SSA Specialty Feb/10. With this win, he won the very 1st Helen Lovett (Ronas Hill) Memorial Trophy. That was something special as my 1st sheltie was from Mrs. Lovett.

Since then we've obtained 2 more BPIS winners and a MBPIS/BPISS winner.

Then in late 2010 his 1/2 sister Ch Shelamo Sugar Shack won our 1st Reserve Best In Show @ the Belleville show under respected judge Mr. Charles Bett.



We are located just west of Richmond, Ont, which is on the west side of Canada's Capital City of Ottawa.  Easy access from hwy 7 & 29/15.  We're about 25 minutes west from our Senator's Hockey arena, ScotiaBank Place.

Our dogs are home raised; puppies are raised in our attached "canine suite".

Our companion dogs are sold with vet checks, first shots, dewormed, written health guarantee, along with a free instructional grooming. We also offer free ear training to encourage the full sweet sheltie expression.

Maureen has been teaching obedience since 1994 at The Ron Kolbus Lakeside Community Center in the west end of Ottawa, and since 2009 at the Glen Cairn Community Center in Kanata; and was the Director of Eastern Ontario & Quebec for the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association from 2001-2006.  She spear headed bringing the CSSA National to Ottawa in the spring of 2006, the 1st to include all venues - Herding, Agility, Obedience & Conformation. Mike has since taken up the reins as Director in 2008.

We are members of several long standing clubs, Bytown Dog Obedience Club, Canadian Kennel Club, Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Club and subscribe to several breed magazines. 

Many people wonder how a kennel name is chosen ... Maureen studied Latin through high school as a prerequisite to possible animal/vet studies.  The first word learned in Latin was - amo, amare, amavi, amatum - the conjunctive for 'I love'.  So with that in mind, and the fact that a verb is always at the end of the sentence, she took SHEL, for Shelties, and amo for I love, and came up with SHELAMO - I LOVE SHELTIES!

"Opal" ROMC & son "Rocky"
January 2013

We said good-bye to my Bud "Rocky" on September 1, 3013. He was 13.5 yrs of age.

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