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  Shelamo Shelties are proud of their dogs that have or are competing in other canine ventures

Picutred here are:
Ch Arhope Simply Sinful C.D.X & Arhope Dunisla Call Me Sibeau C.D.X.
The stepping stones from where life took Maureen in the end.


OTCH Ronas Hill Kraker-jak

"Kraker-jak" was Maureen's first sheltie in the 70's & 80's.  She trained him through her teenage years, competing against mostly adults in the sport.  In all their trials they qualified with either a 1st, 2nd, with one 3rd!
They took many High In Trials, Highest Scoring Shetland Sheepdog, and Maureen, several Junior Handler awards.

(Ronas Hill Brass Tacks x Gypsy Dream of Ronas Hill)


Arhope Dunisla Call Me Sibeau C.D.X

When Maureen returned to the dog world in 1988, "Sibeau" was the second dog she trained in obedience.  This also launched her career into being qualified to teach all class levels through the Bytown Dog Obedience Club, and subsequently teaching since 1994 with the City of Ottawa.

They also performed on the BDOC flyball and scent hurdling teams, doing many local fairs, half-time during the Ottawa Rough Rider's football game (to name a few) and pictured at an evening conformation event for the Ottawa Kennel Club.  Unfortunately a flyball accident prevented him from attaining his U.D.



Ch Arhope Simply Sinful C.D.X.

"Logan" was a companion to "Sibeau", arriving @ 10 months of age yet only 2 wks apart in age.  Little did Maureen know that "Logan" would propel her into the show world as well.  Between them, they learned both the ropes of competing & obtaining a conformation championship, the 'art' of specialing in the Breed/Group ring, and at the same time training for obedience titles.  He was what we call a 'balanced dog'!  Brains and looks!
1988- 2000

(Weeacres Devil Made Me Do It x Ch Arhope Kendale Almost An Angel)



Shelamo's Pocket Monster, HT

"Ditto" was just over a year when she went to the ASSA National in 2000 and earned her Herding Instinct Title.  It was the first time Maureen had ever participated in this event.  The object of this test is just to allow the dog to exhibit any natural instincts, through at least 5 of the 10 minutes allowed ... and as you can see "Ditto" did just that!

(Am/Cdn Ch Nuhope's Riverdance x Ch Shelamo's Champagne On Ice)





Ch Watch Out For Black Ice "Shelby" (14 yrs old), daughter Ch Shelamo Instantly Classic "Vision" (12 yrs old),
son OTCH "Shadow" and grandson OTCH "Esprit" (10 yrs old) (pictured in July 2005
as of Nov 28/08 - They all now await us at the Rainbow Bridge


OTCH Shelamo Easy Spirit Am CD & OTCH Shelamo Follow My Shadow

"Esprit" & "Shadow" were both owned by Margaret Lacroix, of Ottawa. "Esprit" was a few years younger than "Shadow", and held his own obtaining the same recognition as "Shadow".  Both obtained 3 Dog World Awards, and many HIT awards to their credit.  "Esprit" completed his Am CD with a HIT and was also invited to the HIT of HITS 2 times.  Both of them were welcomed guest when they did their many senior resident visits.  They each gave over 13 yrs of love & devotion.

"Shadow" - (Am/Cdn/Jap/Int'l Ch Golden Hylite's The Phantom ROM/C x Ch Watch Out For Black Ice)
"Esprit" - (Am/Cdn/Jap/Int'l Ch Golden Hylite's The Phantom ROM/C x Ch Shelamo Instantly Classic)


Shelamo's Portal Trilogy C.D.X.

"Phoebe" was owned by Megan Thomas & family of Ottawa.  Megan finished her 4th yr at Guelph University in 2002 and during her tenure she participated in a program where the students would take on a community resident's dog for obedience training.  They are training for 1 night a week for 6 weeks, and then it's GRADUATION!  Megan's obedience with "Phoebe" has given her the extra edge to take on the more challenging dogs.  "Phoebe" @ 12 yrs of age, left our world in early 2007.

(Ch Camry Nuhope Bad Influence x Ch Watch Out For Black Ice)


Shelamo English Rose SAAGJ, SMJD

"Harmony" has excelled in the agility ring!  She is owned by Pauline Drew of Kemptville and is handled by Pauline's husband Jack.  She competed on June 21/02 weekend at a large agility competition, Dream Fields outside of Ottawa and took 1st in Jumpers and 3rdin Gamblers.  "Harmony" qualified to attend the National Agility Competition in early September, and in her two competitive classes placed 6th & 7th!!

On June 7/03 she obtained her Special Master Jumpers Dog of Canada title!
On Nov 14/03 she had the best run in Advanced Gamblers with a very high score of 72pts.  She received 3 out of 4 qualifying runs so is now well on her way to achieving her Specials Masters Agility.

April 04 "Harmony" qualified for her SMADC with a 1st in Gamblers and 2nd fastest run in Standards.  She was out done only by seconds, by her 'housemate' sheltie, "Shemo"!  At the Nationals in '04 she finished 7th overall!

In June '05 at the Ontario Regionals "Harmony" was 2nd overall in the 6" Veterans, and also the 10" Specials.  "Harmony" finished with 480 pts and will now head to the National in Saskatoon in August.  "Shemo" also qualified with 466 pts.

(Ch Arhope Weather The Storm x Ch Scotholme's Arhope Dyamond)

Picture courtesy: Kevin Potvin

Shelamo Ticket to Success ADC, AGDC, ASDC, MJDC, MSCDS
(Shelamo's Main Sail (A "Rocky" x "Casino" son) x Jade Isle In The Moment)

Shelamo Tow The Line
(BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky HIC SGDC x Ch Shelamo That's Amore)

He started competitions in (2012) @ 1.5 yrs and I hear his times are hard to beat!




"Panda" is owned by Kate Freeman of Ottawa.  He came into her life at 4 yrs of age, and from there he's just had more and more fun!  In July 2004 he achieved his CKC Novice Agility title (AGN) and earned his 1st leg towards his CKC Intermediate Agility title in May/05.  He was awarded his Veterans Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (VAADC) title in July/05.  Oct/05 he obtained his Veteran's Master Jumpers Dog of Canada.  Starting at the CSSA National in Ottawa, May 06 he earned his 1st leg towards his CD, and by the end of Nov he'd made a clean sweep with 3/3 High in Classes!  In the summer of 2008, Panda added his Masters Agility DC @ 101/2 yrs old.

March 2010 - "Panda" completes is Excellent Jumpers Broze agility title.

Setpember 2010 Earns his Masters Snookers, putting him 1 leg closer to his Expert Silver Award for Jumpers this is at 13 yrs of age!)

(Ch Arhope Jadeisle Still Dreaming x Arhope Oh Lonesome Me)


Shelamo Rhett Butler, Therapy Dog
Aug 10, 2000 - February 1, 2014

"Butler" is owned by Al & Lucy Dumouchelle, who live on Vancouver Island.  On June 8/03 they competed in the Vancouver Island SuperDog event and were awarded the SuperDog trophy of 02/03!  He also won the Best Dead Dog Trick, and Best Obedience Trial Dog.  He is now a Therapy dog, and just loves his work!

(Am/Cdn Ch Dury Voe Zydeco ROM/C x Shelamo Arhope Party Favour)



On Oct 19/03, "Gryhpon" and owner Linda Howie obtained their Agility Dog Of Canada title at the Dream Fields event!  They've also been exploring the herding end of sheltie activities.  "Gryhpon" is sired by the 1st North American sheltie to be awarded the title of Duo Champion - a dog having both breed championship + herding titles.  At only 3 years of age, we can certainly see the potential for "Gryphon" to follow in his dad's pawprints!  Sept '04 at the OKC show in Spencerville he easily obtained his Novice Rally Obedience.  In March/05 he completed his Rally Advanced MCL.  At our CSSA National 2006 in Ottawa he earned his AGN with a 1st placement.  He continues to add titles - early 2008 he has his Advanced Games DC, and now has his Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title with a 1st place.  Of all the dogs that competition in the various levels he was had the fastest 'yards/sec' @ 3.35!  On July 27/08 he added his AGN (Novice Jumpers & Weaves) & AGI (Intermediate Standard).

This team just keeps on amazing us!


They add 2 more titles in one weekend.  His Special Masters Standard Title & Special Masters Team Relay Title.  These came with 7 Q runs, 4 1st places and best runs, and 3 2nd places.  With this he won the Barkley Challenge Award for Best Special Dog at this the OVBCC/ADSC trial.

( DC/Am Cdn Ch Linden Danbie The Blacksmith NA VCX HTDI x Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC )

May 2006 @ our CSSA National

July 4th, 2010 - "Gryphon" and Linda complete their Agility Trial Champion - ATCH

Linda's new upcoming star is

BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Wind HIC SGDC
(Am/Cdn Ch Playland Dallas Cowboy ROMC x Ch Shelamo Tyme Descends)

and her newest puppy

"Sam", BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Wind HIC SGDC x Magennis Sea To Skye

Shelamo's Precious Cargo HIT

Meghan Jenkins of Mississauga, earned their Herding Instinct Title on Nov 5/05 at the Tee Creek Versatility Center.
(Ch Shelamo Play For Kixs x Ch Shelamo's Sure Fire)
Shelamo Haily's Comet

Haily owns Pat & Brian Naugler of Carleton Place.  In March 06 in just 3 trials, Pat & Haily obtained their Novice A title in Rally O.  They picked up a 1st, 2nd & 3rd placement!  Nice job ladies!
(Ch Golden Hylite's The Profiler x Golden Hylite's Spit Fire)

Shelamo Excuse My Dust CD, CGN

"Dusty" is showing the obedience potential we saw in him as a pup. Co-owner, Pam McGeachie of Oshawa is thrilled about his 1st Novice leg, and CGN title that were achieved at our CSSA '06 Nat'l Specialty in Ottawa.  By the end of the summer he'd finished in 3 + 1 straight trials.
In the summer of 2009 they completed their Rally Novice in 3 straight trials and in the ribbons each time!

(BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector
Ch Shelamo Burleigh Casino Rama CGN, CD)



"Shaymus" is owned by Lynn Cuthbert of Ottawa.  He completed his FDX with his "Paws On Fire" team in Nov/08.  He also has one qualifying 1st place for his "Jumpers & "Weaves" agility title.  As of May/09 he now has 2 Jumper Q's with a 1st/Best Run, 2nd and 1 Gambler's Q with a 1st place.

They are also well on their way with a 1st & Best Run for AAC Advanced Gamblers & the same for their CKC Intermediate Jumpers with Weaves.
He has racked up 7 titles all in the summer of 2009, which I think is a record for any Shelamo dog.



In October 2009, another title! Shaymus was a natural during his Herding Instinct Test.




(Majestyk B'Croft Secret Service x Laureate L'Anais)

Early May 2012 he now has his Masters Snooker Dog of Canada title. He's close to finishing his Masters Steeplechase and Masters Gambles agility Dog Champion of Canda. He's also headed for his Bronze in Jumpers with one more for CKC Jumpers & Weaves Excellent.

August/2012 "Saymus" achieves his Agility Title Champion of Canada!


Ch Shelamo's Sure Fire CD, RN
(Jan 2000 - May 2013)

"Amber", owned by Judy Flanigan of Guelph has put a lot of time and effort into training her after she was retired @ 6 yrs of age from the our show & breeding program.  In just a few trials, she completed her CD at the CC&SSA Specialty, May 3/09 weekend at age 9!

(Am/Cdn/Jap Ch Laureate Explorer ROMC x Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC)

"Amber CD, RE", "Clipper RA" & "Truffles CD, RA"

"Truffles", Judy's other Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC daughter finished both her Novice Rally and her Companion Dog titles in the fall of 2009. In Rally she garnered two 2nd placements & one 4th. In their "insurance" trial she obtained a perfect score, with a 1st place (of course!). In her CD trials she obtained two 3rd placements, and one 4th. It was with great sadness Judy had to say good-bye to"Truff Truff" in December 2012.

May 2010 "Amber" completes her Rally Novice.

"Amber" & Maureen, 2012 CSSA National

("Truffles" - Shelamo Truffle Delight CD, RN- Am/Cdn/Jap Ch Grandgables It's Show Time ROMC x Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC)

("Clipper" - Shelamo's Main Sail CD RE - BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector x Ch Shelamo Burleigh Casino Rama CGN CD)

Judy's new boy as of the spring of 2013
Shelamo Man On A Journey
Shelamo Man On A Journey CGN CD RAE AGNJ ADC AADC
(as of Jan/14)
(AM/Cdn Ch Apple Acres Expedition ROM/C x Gralochs Blue Berry Tart)



(Am/Cdn Ch Playland Dallas Cowboy ROMC x Ch Shelamo Tyme Descends)

Owned & Trained by Chantelle & Eric Charlebois

(photo by Eric Charlebois)


"Indy" & "Travis"

Shelamo Code Name Spitfire HIC, AGN,J ADC, SGDC, AGDC

(Am/Cdn Ch Grandgables Ravencourt Joker x Shelamo Seriously Sinful)

"Indy" achieved his AGNJ at his 1st CKC trial in Aug/12


Now how's this for FUN! Travel across the country on a motorcycle, with your best bud in tow!
Rick & Kris Morin with their boy "Casey" take regular summer cross country trips on their Honda GoldWing. What a thrill is all I can say ... a Performance Dog, just in a different way. Brings back memories of my trip to the East Coast of Canada with my dad on his GoldWing 1000, think it was in the late 70s.

"Casey" and Rick walking in step north of Victoria, BC 2012

Shelamo Autumn Dream riding 'shotgun'.
(BPIS Ch Shelamo Changing Winds x Shelamo Tia Maria)

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