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We are located 15 minutes west of Richmond, Ont. just outside the City of Ottawa. Easy access from Hwy 7, Hwy 29/15 on 25 acres that are nicely treed in, with walking trails that open up to fields of wild flowers.

We provide experienced, quality, secured canine sPawDays for when you can't take your dog with you.

Every dog is different, and so are boarding facilities.
We choose to offer in-house kenneling for your dog that loves their crate and is canine friendly. We specialize in -

What you need to know

Group play environment with fun equipment

Limited #'s so as to provide optimum care

With our multi-facetted services our Drop off & Pick-up times are by appointment only.

We try our best to accommodate your trip times & busy schedule.

  • A behavioral assessment is recommended for all new clients.  This can be done by phone or email if urgently required, however we do prefer to meet you and your dog(s), which also gives you the opportunity to view our premises and determine if you are comfortable with where your dog will stay.
  • Your dog needs to be crate trained as that is where they are fed; have naps and sleep when the lights go out.
  • Proof of vaccination according to age is required; we support minimal vaccinations; kennel cough is not a must.
  • Dogs must be clean and groomed, nails done, unless grooming has been requested during your dog's stay.
    (note: see our Grooming and Services Page)

  • Due to our kenneling environment we don't accept Xlarge breeds.

  • No appointments after 5pm on Sundays, unless under special circumstances, which a special open fee will apply

  • Closed as of 7pm daily; Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day & Easter Sunday


Basic daily cost is $19.50/day; 2 dogs $38/day

kenneling in 500 size crates $1.00 extra per day

  • Medication/Injections - no charge
  • Free nail trim after 3 wks
  • stand-by special open fee, late appointment by 1/2 hr, or requested schedule change day before appointment - $20.00
  • Raw Food storage is available @ $2.00/day
  • We use Purina Forta Flora in case of digestion issues or canned pumpkin -$2.00/day
    (HST not included in these prices)

  • We ask you bring your dog's own food to prevent digestive problems, in a secured container (otherwise a charge for feeding our ProPlan line of food will apply)
  • You may bring your dog's own blanket(s), however they must be machine washable & a charge will apply if we need to wash it
  • veterinary transport - $25/hr + kim charge
  • other charges may apply depending on individual circumstances (age/special handling/walking; accidents requiring bathing/blow drying)
  • PAYMENT - Cash, Cheque, PayPal or email bank deposit - bookings for Christmas and July to August are for the days orginally booked and a deposit of 25% is required to hold your request.


Contact us for more information
please include your phone number if emailing



To add to the comforts of home, dogs receive soft hospital fleece lambs wool bedding pads in their crates. Music or TV is also on.


Come take a tour of our indoor & outdoor arrangements.

Move your mouse over some of the pictures to see another one.

Back of property, room to run in the fields.
(These are our dogs, boarders we take are on special collars & leads)
View of our outdoor kennel area.  We have 3 large pens, some which are under cover for when the weather is inclement.  The area is well treed in to help break the winter winds and provide shade in the summer.
Winter time enjoyment.

Left - View of the kennel in the spring; and to the right summer blooms and time to cool off in the wading pool.

These pictures are of our in-house kenneling area.  All dogs have their own 'house' to be in for dinner, quiet times, sleeping and when the weather is just too bad for them to be out long.  We monitor specific outside high and low temperatures, at which point they are out only long enough to do their business and have some exercise.


Through the bad weather times we spend extra time with them indoors with toys & chewies. Treat balls stimulate their minds, gives them exercise & problem solving.

Dogs enjoy the play structures for either games of hide and chase or just lazing around.
Our small breed visitors spend special one-on-one time.

Solo and friend Indie
Indie and Bichon Solo

On special request, we do accept those feathered family members from our regular clients. Here's Houdini.

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