A Shiba Inu profile
Hi Everyone! My name is Rusty. My friend Ralph helped me create this page. He is a very good friend and understands a lot about me even though we speak different languages. Read on to find out more about me and my type of dog.

Video Clips
Here are links to Shiba Inu videos (originally posted on the "You Tube" website.)  The first video is unusual.  It shows a Shiba Inu watching a video clip of another  Shiba.  The original Shiba sings to piano music.  The second shiba, seeing this, joins in singing.  See the clip. )
Here are some more videos.
Shiba playing with husky
Shiba pup
Shiba playing footsie
Devil dog New!! Must See!!

Watch a clip of Sushi. She's competing in the Canine Idol competition.

Shiba inus are averse to nail-clipping.They often scream in protest.  See a clip of the "shiba scream".

  • Rusty's Narrative Click here to continue with Rusty's narrative. Find out what he has to say about himself and his life with his friend Ralph.
  • Shiba Links. Links to other Shiba Inu sites and message boards.
  • Training Tips. Training tips specific to the Shiba Inu breed. Grooming problems solved!
  • Mysteries. Click here to explore the mysteries of the Shiba Inu.

Letters. I love letters! Please write me at any time.

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