The First Few Months

I liked moving in with Ralph and Kathy. And I wanted to explore my new surroundings. But right away there were problems.

(Note the sly look and the damage to the arm of the chair)

Everything is Mine. I found a lot of interesting things in the house. My attitude was "Everything is mine!" But Ralph gave me only a few things. He gave me rawhide chews and a few toys. But I wanted more--food, people, attention, house, air. I wanted it all. I held onto stuff I found and didn't let go. I growled at Ralph. He grabbed the stuff back. The battles went on for a long time.

Then Ralph started marking things, so to speak. He bought something at the pet shop. It's called "Bitter Apple" He smeared or sprayed it on just about everything in the house. It tastes horrible and so I had no choice but to stay away from the things he had sprayed it on.

Mouthing. At first, I didn't trust Ralph. I didn't let him touch me very much. When he reached out to touch me, I used to put my jaws around his wrist. I never bit down, but I had my jaws open just in case. Sometimes, when I wanted Ralph to play with me, I'd bite onto his pant legs and tug. He'd yell "No!" and "Down!" I paid no attention.

Sometimes, to get me off, he sprayed me with a squirt gun. I caught on to the squirt gun thing pretty quick. I knew when it was coming and avoided it. Then he tried other tactics. Like ambushing me. He would hide Binaca brand mouth spray in his hand. (It's for people who have bad breath. It comes in a small aerosol canister.) I let go of his pant legs right away when I got a shot of that awful stuff in my mouth.

Leader of the pack. Like I said before, I like Ralph and Kathy. I think we have a great little pack. When I first joined the pack, I felt that I should be the leader. I am fast and can hunt really well. But there were things that I didn't understand. Like buses, trucks, fireworks, boogie woogie men and other strange things. But Ralph wasn't afraid. He protected me. We stuck up for each other.

Bonding. Anyway, I came to respect Ralph's property and I never show my teeth to him. In fact, I kiss Ralph. I kiss him a lot. And he respects me. We are bonded together now. I will be faithful to Ralph always----to the last beat of my heart.