Rusty's Narrative

Trickster. I am sometimes called the Trickster because of the games I like to play. I often fetch a tennis ball for Ralph but accidentally (on purpose) lose it under the couch. Then Ralph has to fetch it for me. Ha! Ha! Or else I get wedged behind the couch and cry out for help. When Ralph comes to rescue me, I show my appreciation by nipping at his hands. You should see the look on his face. What a laugh! On a more serious note, read on to learn about the things I care about most.

My pack. My pack is my life, my love, my everything. I like to be with them at all times. To me it's united we stand, divided we fall . Right now my pack is small. There's just Ralph, Kathy, and me. I have a girl friend named 'Roxy'. She's a Shiba Inu too and lives nearby. I really like her and wish she'd join our pack. But I don't want Roxy's friend Archie to come over. He's a Boxer. He tries to show off and boss me around. I can't stand him. We have gotten into scrapes.

Size. Archie weighs in at 85 pounds. I'm about 25 pounds. But weight doesn't matter at all. I'm a big guy. I can dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Hunting. I love to hunt and follow a scent. When there's quarry in sight I go for it! Ralph tries to stop me sometimes but I know chances for prey are few and far between. So I go for it no matter what Ralph says.

Friends & Strangers. I like a lot of the people who come over to visit. I love Ralph's relatives. And his friend Eddie. We have great times. But you can't trust everybody you meet. Especially strangers you meet outside. When we go to the park, people often try to pet me. I generally don't like it. They're not in our pack. Besides, we should be chasing squirrels, not just standing around.

Kids. There are lots of kids in Roxy's pack. She was raised with them and loves to play with them. She even lets them grab her. But I don't like it when they grab at me. I scoot away. There is one kid I love to play with, though---- Ralph's nephew Jimmy. When he comes over we play for hours at a time.

Cleanliness. Even though I am a clean freak, I hate to bathe. My mother used to lick me clean and I still believe licking is the best way. I lick myself clean every day. Mother taught us never to get wet. My coat is really warm when dry but not much good when wet. So I am careful never to get soaked. Mother also taught me to relieve myself away from the den. I live in a house now and make sure I'm a few blocks away before I'll go. I won't even go in the yard. I spend a lot of time in the yard and want it to be clean.

Nails. Nails are important. They give you a good grip if you ever have to climb really fast. And I like to get up in high view places. Although we get along really well, Ralph does some things I just can't stand. He tries to cut my nails or, worse still, gets strangers to do it. I fight them. I have to. They muzzle me, grab my legs and try to make me lame.