Hidden Treasures

What Rusty Found
Ralph and Rusty were taking a walk on a cold winter's day. Rusty jumped into a snow pile and started digging frantically. He pulled something out and immediately headed home. He held the thing he had found tightly in his mouth. Rusty wanted to move fast but, because he was on a leash, had to pull the slower Ralph along.

When they got home, Rusty waited until they entered the living room before dropping the "prize" gingerly at Ralph's feet. It was a.....Kaiser roll. It was frozen and a little old, but still good. Ralph said, "Well done, Rusty. You have found HIDDEN TREASURE! You are a very good friend."

What Ralph Found
Before Rusty came along, Ralph and Kathy had two Cairn terriers. Sadly, they both died when they were about 12 years old. When they died, Kathy was very distraught and could not be comforted.

Ralph heard about a dog being sold by a lady who lived nearby. So he rushed over to have a look. When he saw Rusty, Ralph was amazed. "What a beautiful dog!" he exclaimed. "Yes," said the lady, "he is pretty. But he won't listen to me. Maybe he'll listen to you. You are a man. I think he's a man's dog . You can have him if you want. Just give me something to cover some of my expenses."

Ralph paid the lady what she wanted, took Rusty and opened the door to Ralph's car. Rusty jumped in and immediately parked himself in the driver's seat. This was an indication of things to come. Ralph was learning what Rusty was all about.

While he was driving home, Ralph wondered why the lady had given Rusty up. Rusty was handsome and clever and fun. Couldn't she see that? Can't everyone see that? Anyway, when Ralph and Rusty got home, Ralph called out, "Kathy, come quick! I have found HIDDEN TREASURE!"

That is the story of how Ralph found Rusty. Incidentally, Rusty has never listened to Ralph---or to anyone else for that matter. Note the picture on this page. In Rusty's mind, this is how big he is compared to Ralph.