Best knitted in a 1x1 Bird's Eye fairisle (Singer/Studio punchcard #2), or simple slip stitch, either two colours or self-coloured. The pattern stitch provides a double thickness fabric for comfort and warmth. The cuff can either be knitted in rib or finished with a single crochet edge.
YARN: Worsted weight
GAUGE: In Pattern: 20 st. and 23 rows = 4 inches on Elna/Studio/Singer at main tension 5, mast tension 5.
INSTRUCTIONS:1)Find the desired size on the table below, and cast on using the number from the column 'Cast On'. Knit one row of plain knitting, then switch to fair-isle (knit-in) or slip-stitch, and knit the number of rows indicated in the column 'Rows'.
2)Transfer every second stitch to its neighbouring needle and put the empty needles out of work. Knit one row. Cut the yarn, leaving a 12 to 18 inch length, and using a yarn needle, thread the end through the stitches on the needles, remove from the machine and pull the yarn to close the end of the piece (toe). Run the yarn through the stitches once or twice more to secure, then fold the piece in half lengthwise and with the same yarn end, sew a seam to a point halfway along the long edge. Stop sewing but do not end off. Leave the yarn attached to allow for final adjustments in the ankle opening.
3) At the other end (heel), sew the heel seam from along the short open edge to the midpoint, then mash the rest of the opening down to form an inverted T shape (the bottom of the heel), and sew both halves shut. End off.
4) Test fit for the ankle opening, adjust if necessary and end off.
5) Machine or hand knit ribbed cuff: Pick up 1/2 of the stitches around the ankle opening. Knit 4-5 rows of rib and cast off. Repeat for other half. Graft ends of ribbing rows.
6) Crochet Edging: Work 2 or 3 rows of single crochet around ankle opening.
7) Finish with pom-poms or idiot cord bows.


Size Chart for Slippers