The Bickerstaffe Family seems to have had its roots firmly settled in the Lancashire England mainly in the area surrounding Blackpool. Most of our family resided in the Greater Marton area with marriages and births taking place in Bispham, Lytham and Poulton. This is only a partial record; if you see a possible connection to your family, please contact me. I would be pleased to share my findings with you.

Steven H. J. Bickerstaffe, born in Cornwall, Ontario.

Ronald James Bickerstaffe, married Marie Rose "Annette" Bickerstaffe
on 27 February, 1954 at St. Francis de Sales Church, Cornwall, Ontario.

Harold Bickerstaffe, married Pearl Foubert
on 22 October, 1928 at St. Columban's Church, Cornwall, Ontario.

Great Grandparents:
John Thomas Bickerstaffe, married Malinda Hornby
on 14 April, 1900 at St. John's Church, Baxenden, Nr. Accrington, Lancashire.

2 Great Grandparents:
James Bickerstaffe, married Ann Lund
on 10 May, 1873, at St. Pauls Marton, Lancashire. (Seems there is a Bickerstaffe connection with Ann Lund as well. Her father was Thomas Lund. Records indicate that Alice was unmarried at the time and states that Robert Bickerstaffe is the father of the child.)

3 Great Grandparents:
John Bickerstaffe, married Nancy Cardwell
on 14 August, 1844 at St. Chads, Poulton, Lancashire.

4 Great Grandparents:
James Bickerstaffe, married *Peggy (Margaret) Bickerstaffe
on 10 June, 1819 at St. Chads, Poulton, Lancashire. (Seems they were cousins.)
(See below for more information on Peggy's line)

5 Great Grandparents:
Edward Bickerstaffe, married Ann_________________.
The record of their marriage has not been located as of yet. Four of Edward's children, including James above, were christened with the surname of Snow. All seven children were christened at St. Peters R.C. in Lytham.

*Continuation of the line for Peggy Margaret Bickerstaffe 4th Great Grandparent listed above:

5th Great Grandparents:
James Bickerstaffe, married Betty__________________
The record for their marriage has not been located as yet.

6th Great Grandparents:
William Bickerstaffe, married Ellen Butler
on 18 May, 1747 at All Hallows, Bispham, Lancashire.

7th Great Grandparent:
James Bickerstaffe, married Mary Warbrick
on 28 April, 1719 at St. Cuthberts, Lytham, Lancashire.

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Updated 6 October, 1999

For some time now, I have been trying to solve a mystery concerning William Hopwood.
When my great grandparents, John Thomas Bickerstaffe and Malinda Hornby came to Canada at the turn of the 20th century, they had in their possession, several photographs. Three in particular peeked my curiosity; of one William Hopwood, another entitled "Wife of William Hopwood" and a third larger photograph of the Hopwood Devonshire Hotel in Blackburn, taken at the turn of the 20th century. Also in their possession was a funeral card for William Hopwood which read:

In Loving Memory of

Who departed this life May 19th, 1904, Aged 57 years.
And was interred at All Saints' Church,
Clayton-le-Moors, on the 21st.

Devonshire Hotel
Northgate, Blackburn

A gentleman by the name of Tony Hopwood (no relationship confirmed at this time), was kind enough to go to the cemetery and to write down the inscription found on the monument. It did provide new clues, unfortunately, none that have helped me so far. The monument reads:

In affectionate rememberance of
William Hopwood
Who died, May 19th
1904, Aged 57 years.

Alice the beloved wife of
William Hopwood
Who died, Jan 22nd 1896.

Mary Riley
Who died, June 13th 1882.

Smith Thomas, son of the
, Who died Nov 19th, 1882,
Aged 5 years.

I believe that William married twice. I am not sure if Alice was his first or second wife, nor do I know at this time which wife is in the photo that I have. I would like to know more about William Hopwood and his connection to the above names. Recent census information confirmed that Mary Riley was the mother of Alice. Smith Thomas was the son of William and Alice. They also had another daughter named Mary. The census information is as follows:

Dwelling: 27 Lr Barnes St
Census Place: Clayton Le Moors, Lancashire, England
Source: PRO Ref RG11 / Piece 4176 / Folio 140 / Page 27
NameStatusAgeSexFromRelationship & Occupation
William HopwoodMarried33MaleBlackburn, LancashireHead / Cotton Spinner
Alice HopwoodMarried29FemaleClayton Le Moors, Lancashire Wife / Milliner
Mary HopwoodUnmarried 8FemaleClayton Le Moors, LancashireDaughter / Scholar
Smith T.I. HopwoodUnmarried5MaleClayton Le Moors, LancashireSon / Scholar
Mary RileyWidow58FemaleClayton Le Moors, LancashireMother in Law

What was the name of William's other wife? Was he married to her before or after Alice? Did his daughter Mary ever get married? Did she have a family and are any of her descendants still living in the area? If you can answer any of these questions or if you know more about the Hopwood Devonshire Hotel, please contact me.

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(Updated 9 March, 2000)

It would appear that our first ancestor, Jean Baptiste (Lecoq) Foubert was born about 1722, in Paris, France. He married Marie Genevieve Durocher on 8 November, 1753 in Lac Des Deux Montagnes, Oka, Québec. Marie Genevieve was born 31 July, 1730 in Montréal, Québec, the daughter of François (Lafleur) (Frappe) Durocher and Marie Genevieve Renaud.

Another site exists online, maintained by Alain Faubert, that provides more information regarding Jean Baptiste dit Lecoq. It is an all French site and can be accessed by clicking here.

9th Generation:
Steven Harold Joseph Bickerstaffe, born in Cornwall, Ontario.

8th Generation:
Ronald James Bickerstaffe married Marie Rose "Annette" Proulx on 27 February, 1954 in Cornwall, Ontario.

7th Generation:
Pearl Foubert married Harold Bickerstaffe on 22 October, 1928 in Cornwall, Ontario.

6th Generation:
Joseph Foubert married Lena Miller on 11 September, 1907 in Cornwall, Ontario.

5th Generation:
Anthony Foubert married Margaret Blondin on 6 May, 1875 in Williamstown, Ontario.

4th Generation:
Jean Foubert married Eliza (Lucy) St. Germain on 24 October, 1843 in Alexandria, Ontario.

3rd Generation:
John-Baptise Foubert married Marguerite Couvrette (Lagritte Couvrite) on 7 October, 1817 in Vaudreuil, Quebec.

2nd Generation:
Jean-Baptiste Foubert married Genevieve Denis-Rousse on 13 August, 1792 in Vaudreuil, Quebec.

1rst Generation:
Jean-Baptiste (Lecoq) Foubert married Genevieve Desrochers (Durocher) on 8 November, 1753 in Oka, Quebec.

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