Our first ancestor to Canada, François Daragon dit Lafrance was married to Marie Guillemette, the daughter of Nicolas Guillemette and Marie Selle (Sel). Their ancestors were from Picardie and Normandy France respectively. Thirteen children were born in this family, all baptised in Montreal except the eldest, Mari-Marthe, born 13 December 1698 in the parish of St. Jean, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec (New France). François, from the second generation, was born in the parish of St-Laurent (Montreal) on 17 December 1712.


11th:............Steven H.J. Bickerstaffe
born in Cornwall, Ontario

10th:.....Marie-Rose "Annette" Proulx - Ronald J. Bickerstaffe
married 27/02/1954 in Cornwall, Ontario

9th:......Armand Felix Proulx - Délisca Cayer
married 28/10/1933 in Cornwall, Ontario

8th:......Raoul Proulx - Rose-Anna Gauthier
married 20/05/1908 in Hawkesbury, Ontario

7th:......Hortense Lafrance - Philibert Proulx
married 23/07/1877 in St-Eugène, Ontario

6th:......Jean-Baptiste Lafrance - Hortense Nadon
married 21/03/1856 in St-Augustin, Québec

5th:......Jean-Marie Daragon - Scholastique D'Amour
married 12/01/1829 in St-Benoit, Québec

4th:......Jean-Marie Daragon - Josephte Massy (Massie)
married 10/10/1803 in Ste-Genviève, Québec

3rd:......Jean-Baptiste Daragon - Françoise Desjardins
mariried 15/01/1770 in St-Eustache, Québec

2nd:......François Daragon - Josephte Lefebvre
married 04/12/1748 in Pointe-Claire, Québec

1rst:....François Daragon - Marie Guillemette (Guillemet)
married around 1697 on L'Ile D'Orléans, Québec

Updated 21 December, 1999

François Lafrance dit Daragon

Our first ancestor arrived from France. François Daragon was a soldier and the surname Lafrance was probably given to him by his regiment companions. In that era, most if not all soldiers retained a surname that distinguished them from others.

Once retired to civilian life, the soldier often kept this "nickname" and transferred it to his descendants.

François Daragon settled on the coast of New France on l'Ile d'Orléans (Quebec) where he remained for about three years until permanently relocating to Montreal.

The descendants of François Daragon dit Lafrance can be found throughout the Province of Quebec and beyond, but are mainly centred in the area of Montreal and surrounding counties.

It wasn't until our sixth generation, when Jean-Baptiste Daragon, formally adopted the name Lafrance. His descendants from then onwards kept the surname Lafrance. In a genealogy book in the possession of Jeanne D. Dupuis (née Lafrance), one can read that François Daragon lived in France, however, he was of Spanish ancestry. (Jeanne was the great grand daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lafrance and Hortense Nadon.

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