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Jacques Prou dit le Poitevin, son of Jacques Prou and Madeleine Rivé, was a native of Gournay, in the French province of Poitou. Very little is known about him. He promised before a notary LaPailleur in Lachine on January 24, 1706 to marry Jeanne Pilon, born in Montreal in 1689 and the oldest daughter of Antoine Pilon and Marie-Anne Brunet. The marriage was celebrated in the church of the Saints-Anges parish in Lachine on February 1, 1706.

The "Jetté" (a french dictionary) states the couple had eleven children between 1706 and 1729, but, the "Jetté" ends in 1730 and it is possible the couple had other children after 1730. The place and date of birth of the first three children is not well established but the other eight were all born and baptised in Pointe-Claire. The children were: Marie-Madeleine, Marie Josèphe, Louise-Hélène, Jacques, born in 1714, Geneviève in 1716, Joseph in 1718, Françoise in 1720, Sylvestre in 1722, Thomas in 1724, Antoine in 1726 and Marie-Josèphe in 1729.

During the first four generations, descendants of Jacques and Jeanne were found mainly in Pointe-Claire, in Pierrefonds and in the region of Deux-Montagnes. Later, there was a migration towards the west and south west, towards Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Beauharnois, the Hull region and Eastern Ontario. Nowadays we find most of the descendants of this couple in these latter regions; they are found also in the Montreal area, in Abitibi, in northern Ontario and in the New England States.

10th Generation:
Steven Harold Joseph Bickerstaffe, born in Cornwall, Ontario.

9th Generation:
Marie Rose "Annette" Proulx, married Ronald James Bickerstaffe at St. Francis de Sales Church, Cornwall, Ontario, on 27 February, 1954.

8th Generation:
Armand Félix Proulx, married Délisca "Sara" Cayer at St. Columban's Church, Cornwall, Ontario, on 28 October, 1933.

7th Generation:
Raoul Proulx, married Roseanna Gauthier in Hawkesbury, Ontario, on 20 May, 1908.

6th Generation:
Philibert Proulx, married Hortense Lafrance in St. Eugène, Ontario, on 23 July, 1877.

5th Generation:
Élie Proulx, married Elmire Proulx dit Clément on_______________ quite possibly in Montebello, Quebec.
Note: Elmire Proulx dit Clément was the daughter of Antoine Proulx dit Clément and Marie Archange Janvry dit Bélair. Information on the Janvry family can be found by clicking here. Please note, this will take you to a French text link.

4th Generation:
Joachim Proulx, married Marie Josette Charlebois on 15 January, 1816, in Pierrefonds, Quebec.

3rd Generation:
Joachim Proulx, married Marie Rose (Josephte?) Breban on 5 January, 1779 in Cont. Soupras, Pointe Claire, Quebec.

2nd Generation:
Joseph Proulx, married Marie Charlotte Clément dit Larivière on 10 February, 1738 in Pointe Claire, Quebec.

1rst Generation:
Jacque Prou dit Le Poitevin, married Jeanne Pilon on 1 February, 1706 in Lachine, Quebec.

The above information was obtained from a book written by Antonin Proulx, Ottawa, Ontario. The book, "LES ANCÊTRES PROULX VOLUME 2, LES DESCENDANTS DE JACQUES PROU DIT LE POITTEVIN ET DE JEANNE PILON" is one of a series of six volumes. Each volume represents a specific line of the first six pioneers who have founded a line with their spouses and who have descendants now living in North America. These volumes are for sale at a nomimal cost and well worth the money to anyone interested in researching the Proulx Family History.

For more information on this particular volume and the five other lines, please click here to contact Antonin Proulx directly.


Aline Bergemann's site has information about Marie-Madeleine Prou, daughter of Jacques Prou dit Le Poitevin and Jeanne Pilon.

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15th Generation:
Steven H.J. Bickerstaffe
born in Cornwall, Ontario

14th Generation:
Marie-Rose (Annette) Proulx, married Ronald James Bickerstaffe at St. Francis de Sales Church, Cornwall, Ontario, on 27 February, 1954

13th Generation:
Armand Félix Proulx
, married Délisca Cayer at St. Columban's Church, Cornwall, Ontario, 28 October, 1933

12th Generation:
Raoul Proulx
, married Roseanna Gauthier in Hawkesbury, Ontario, 20 May, 1908

11th Generation:
Hortense Lafrance
, married Philibert Proulx in St. Eugène, Ontario, 23 July, 1877

10th Generation:
Hortense Nadon, married Jean-Baptiste Lafrance in St. Augustin, Québec, 21 March, 1856

9th Generation:
Paul Nadon
, married Louise Desjardins in 1829

8th Generation:
Pierre Nadon
, married Marie-Louise Labelle in 1795

7th Generation:
M. Archange Pelletier
, married Jean-Baptiste Nadon in 1766

6th Generation:
Alexis Pelletier
, married Geneviève Maisonneuve in 1743

5th Generation:
Jean Pelletier
married Ursule Frelan in 1715

4th Generation:
René Pelletier
married Madeleine Leclerc in 1691

3rd Generation:
Jean Pelletier
married Anne Langlois in 1649

2nd Generation:
Guillaume Pelletier
married Michelle Mabille in 1619

1rst Generation:
Eloi Pelletier
married Françoise Matte
These first recorded descendants arrived in Canada from France


Sir Charles Alphonse Pantaléon Pelletier Born in Rivière Ouelle on 22 January 1837. He was admitted to the Bar in 1860 and became member of the Queen's Council in 1879. Deputy of Kamouraska from 1867 to 1877. Senator and Minister of Agriculture from 1876 to 1901. Judge of the Quebec Superior Court from 1904 to 1908. Finally, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec from 1908 until his death on 29 April, 1911. He was also knighted by Queen Victoria.

The above information has been provided by Jeanne D. Dupuis (née Lafrance), great grand daughter of Hortense Nadon and Jean-Baptiste Lafrance.

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