My Web-based Planetary Geology Archive

Some of you (especially those in Ottawa, Canada) will know of my professional association with the geology of our own planet, and my keen amateur interest in planetary geology in general. While the former was my day job, in the latter I am just an amateur like the rest of us. Perhaps the principal difference being that the geological jargon makes sense to me most of the time.

A number of years ago, Sky & Telescope introduced a neat archiving option on the web for storing, sorting, annotating and - most importantly - sharing what one has found and read on the internet (Save This by : see the "Save This" icon just to the right of the "Print This" icon on the S&T News page to find out more). This may be one of the most creative applications offered by S&T. I have been collecting and printing planetary geology oriented e-bulletins for a number of years now and they have gotten out of hand. So I put my ever-growing collection of e-articles that I have read onto Save This, with a short annotation by each live-linked title to give an idea of what the article is about, and sometimes a comment expressing my own opinion on the validity of the interpretations presented.

I'm happy to share this collection of planetary geology links, which grows daily as I get to read more articles. I do not claim that my archive is - or will ever be - complete. After all, this is my hobby and I do it for fun, like most amateurs.

For you to get access to my growing archive, I need a name and an email address that I enter into my Save This Address Book. You would then get automatic access to the Archive at that email address and see any and all changes I make to the archive with time. You can also pass it along to others too - and you can eliminate the parts you really don't want me to share with you (maybe you are simply sick of hearing about martian rovers !!).

If you're interested - send me a name and an email address. I believe that I'm well enough known in the Ottawa amateur astronomy community for folks to know that this is nothing more sinister than one passionate amateur offering to share a resource with others. If you're leary - don't do it !

I would be very interested to hear from folks who are aware of web-based information not included in my own archive. Send me the URL and I'll check it out - and I'll add it to the shared archive as appropriate.

I'll maintain this digital web-based archive come what may, as it is very useful to me ... you're welcome to share it if interested.


Updated March 31st, 2013

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