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Free Online Novel!

DARKSIDE is now Free!

Just follow the link and start reading.

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Short Stories


Need to Know Underworld  Jun 1999
The Fright Before Christmas Strange Horizons Oct 2001
Sweet Dreams Ideomancer May 2002
The Long Way to Heaven Write Away Dec 2002
Harbinger ShadowSword pending

*Novels in progress:


Urban Fantasy Thingy: 3,006 words

Pirate Ninja Space Opera Thingy: 8,100 words

Heroic Fantasy Thingy: 3,500 words

*Obviously new titles are a must.


Novels (Looking for a good home.)


          James Decker just won’t stay dead.  Slain while rescuing a young woman from a would-be rapist, he finds himself in a pseudo-life, caught between two realities, belonging to neither. Haunted by the ghosts of his father and grandfather, he learns that the woman he rescued is in fact an Innocent, the physical embodiment of hope. As it turns out, seeing dead people is the least of James' worries.  It's the trolls, goblins, vampires, and other assorted creepy-crawlies that make being dead a living nightmare. 
         When a Madness Demon kidnaps the Innocent to sacrifice at the Blood Moon ritual, it's up to James and an odd assortment of Otherworld companions to rescue her. If they fail, humanity will be without hope for the next thousand years.  To succeed, James must first battle his own inner demons, and come to grips with who and what he has become.  After all, when you're dead, wishing you were is kind of counter-productive

Sample Chapters:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three



Sample Chapters:
Chapter One

         Trapped in a symbiotic existence with an Artificial Intelligence and the planet Beo T’halo, the alien Atreah has covertly influenced the development of the sentient races of the galaxy for millennia.  Now he wants to die.
          When Brent McKay is brought to Beo T’halo to be trained as a leader of one of its elite commando teams, he has no idea that he is about to become a pawn in a galactic game of cloak and dagger.  It is from here that Atreah sends out his commandos, led by Naejin--bioengineered warriors like McKay---to do the dirty work of “guiding” the younger races.
         McKay is introduced to the rest of his team and together they are put through a rigorous training regime as the Cold War for control of Beo T’halo rages.  He quickly makes friends, and enemies, and tries to come to grips with who and what he has become amidst the power struggle he is swept up in.  On a world that specializes in lies, misinformation and a need to know mentality, friends become enemies, enemies friends, and even Brent McKay may be more than he seems.


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The best crit group ever.  A bunch of  authors and friends who will all probably be are all published before I will am.  I plan to ride to success on their coattails.  Hey, I didn't say it was a great plan!

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