Apr 1 
          I mailed Darkside off to the agent yesterday.  Of course once I'd sent it off I realized I'd forgotten to sign the cover letter.  Oh well, at least I didn't spell their name wrong.  Wait!  Did I spell my name right?  Oh, man.

Apr 12 
          We actually got a half-descent pay raise. And of course the military, in their infinite wisdom, gave us a raise and then upped the rent on military housing.  Once what was left was filtered through the Wife Processor Unit, I ended up about where I started. 
          Still no luck on the writing front.  I havenít written a word in about a month or so.  Things have just been too hectic.  In the long run, though, I think the break may have been good for me.  Iím just itching to get back at it.  As long as I donít scratch too hard and leave welts that get all infected and scab over and....  I think maybe I should stop talking to the Medivac personnel on my breaks.  

Apr 14 
          If children can be tried as adults because of the nature of the crime, does that mean I can be sent to Juvenile Hall for, say, throwing a baseball through Mr. Wilsonís window?  Or can my dad just promise Mr. Wilson Iíll pay for the damages out of my paper route money?  Didnít think so.  

Apr 16 
          Sometimes at night I wake up and hear the donkeys crying, but I feel better after I yell at my toaster.  Hey, my son came up with that one.  A chip of the old demented block, isnít he. 

Apr 24 
          A lot of things have happened since my last posting.  I turned 40 on April 20th, won an Editorís Choice for Darkside 2 Chapter 2 on the same day (neat birthday present, huh?) and went to Eeriecon.  I didnít go middle-aged crazy (even if I could afford the sports car, who can afford the gas?), Iím still not published, and this Electronics Course Iím on is driving me insane.  (Iím thinking of having them brought up on charges for attempted murder--theyíre boring me to death!)  Everyone keeps telling me there are  great things in store for me.  Well?  Iím waiting.  Come on, Fate, Iím not getting any younger here. 

Apr 25 
          Hereís a little helpful advice, ladies: if your guy is fixing himself something to eat, and offers to make some for you too, donít say no and then expect to get some of his later.  Once you refuse, heíll make just enough food to fill up on (no matter how much he makes) and that itsy bitsy little bite you steal will leave him still hungry.  And yes, I speak from experience.