6 Apr
          Let's play catch-up. 
          I worked four days, noon till midnight shift. Pen was asleep every night at midnight when I came home, so I had something to eat and went to bed. Pen was gone to work by the time I got up in the morning, so I had something to eat and went to work. No time to go to the gym. No time to write. The weather was lousy. I towed aircraft in the sleet and rain every night. This is me dry, this is me wet. This is me dry, this is me wet.
          Thursday was my first day off. I ran errands most of the day, trying to get caught up on the stuff I didn't have time to do while I was working. I put together an armoire Pen bought. By the time I finished Pen was home, so we ate, and then watched a little TV. We rented Bandits, which was fun, and Donnie Darko. Great flick--it messed with my mind for days, and I can't get the song, "MAD WORLD" out of my head. Stupid movie.
          Friday Pen had the day off, so we got up early and went to Kingston. She bought me a watch I wanted for my birthday to replace the one that died awhile back, and the DVD of Dark City. We found three copies of Warchild at Coles, spine in. Did you know that three copies face-out take up the same amount of room? Trust me. (I can't understand why the bookstore wouldn't place them face out in the first place, considering they take up the same amount of space. I mean--how petty is that?) I was surprised when Chapters in Kingston didn't have a copy. Let's hope it's because they were sold out. 
         We ate at Dunn's because Pen had a craving for their smoked-meat sandwich. The thing is huge, and we ordered one each and made pigs of ourselves. We walked up and down Princess Street. Pen said it was to work off lunch, but I know it was all a scam to get more shopping in. We bought something for my nephew, Christopher, for his birthday in May. I picked up my copy of Warchild at Indigo, and turned the remaining copies face out, of course. We also stopped at an independent bookstore, where we found three copies of Warchild already face out. If I had been thinking, I would have bought my copy there. I'd much rather support the independents. 
          We bought a sofa bed that I have to pick up next Saturday (providing I can get my Dad's van) and Pen bought a new pillow at Winners. Then we went to the movies and saw CLOCKSTOPPERS. Cute film. Nice, mindless entertainment. Of course, I still had to have popcorn, and a large box of Junior Mints, even though I was stuffed from lunch. We drove home after the movie. Pen said I can't have the watch until my birthday, but we watched the DVD Friday night. Yeah, I'm spoiled. 
          Saturday I woke up when Leon's arrived with our new end tables. I left them in boxes, disassembled in the middle of the living room floor. I checked my email. Strange Horizons rejected Joy Ride. 
          I tore down my drums, lugged them upstairs and out to the car, and drove to band practice. Pen's off to Niagara Falls for the night, gambling at the casino with her girlfriend. 
          I carted the drums from the car, up the stairs to the practice hall, and set them up. We practiced for seven hours and loved every minute of it. It's nice seeing Dave, Steve, and Jen again. Steve brought a friend, a woman from Brazil who's here for a few months to learn French. After practice, I tore down, carted the drums out to the car, drove home, and then dragged the the drums back downstairs to the basement. 
          Finally, I put the new end tables together, and dragged the old ones down to the basement, too. I had a shower (I needed one, honest) and then made linguine with meat sauce. I put the leftovers away for when I go back to work tomorrow night at midnight. Pen left a piece of cheesecake in the fridge. You snooze; you lose. I might even make some chocolate chip cookies later. 
          Still no time to write, and no time to go to the gym. 

23 Apr
          There's an awful lot happening in my life lately, and all of it in slow motion. The anticipation is killing me, not to mention the possibility of it all falling through. I'm in the starter's position, my feet on the blocks, and the moron with the starter pistol is on a bathroom break.
          I got another rejection from GVG today, in his usual record time. Someday I'm going to sell that man something, even if it's just a watch. (If I could manage to sell him his own watch, I'd be in heaven.) Darkside seems dead in the water for the moment. I've got it out to a few agents and such, but nothing.
          The world seems very Matrix-like to me, not real at all. Is it just me or do current events have the air of one big improbable plot line, full of cardboard characters and cliché storylines? I find myself looking about, examining my life and thinking, "This can't be real." I feel very detached from it all and I keep wondering when I'm going to wake up. Maybe it's just that I turned 41 on Saturday and no one seemed to notice but my immediate family. I've definitely cut myself off from most of the world, but unfortunately that's an occupational hazard. Well, that and part of my personality, too, I guess. I'm sure I could psychoanalyze myself, but it's just too much bother. It's not like it would change anything. 
          Oh well, it's back to work at midnight tonight. After a couple of days without sleep, the surreal becomes commonplace. The good news is that Chris sent me the galleys for Sweet Dreams coming out in Ideomancer in May, and it looked pretty cool. 

29 Apr
         Life is still on hold. At least I don't have to listen to MUZAK while I'm waiting. 
          I went to Karin Lowachee's book launching yesterday. She had a pretty good turnout, sold quit a few books, and served these incredible brownies. (Well, she didn't serve them personally.) Karin said she had to cut about thirty pages from Warchild in the final edit. I think she inked them in by hand again when she autographed my copy. :-) Thanks, Karin. 
          Oh yeah, my flash fiction piece, "Sweet Dreams", is up at ideomancer.com. Check it out.