Dec 4 
          I'm a big fan of the resurgence in popularity of the vampire mythos.  I think it all started with the movie, The Lost Boys, and Buffy and Angel are two of my favourite shows.  Still, there's something that bothers me.  
          I can understand why they would go all evil after being bitten--after all, they don't have a soul anymore.  What I can't understand is how they all managed to suddenly become martial arts masters.  I mean, I had to study hard for years to learn what I know.  Why should a terminal hickey put them on them fast track.  Of course, I guess it's not any worse than the mummy suddenly developing the ability to stumble along at a snail's pace and still catch the poor wretch who wasted all that time sprinting for cover. 
Dec 5 
          I've often heard it said that the secret to enjoying life is to live each day as if it were your last.  To me, that way of thinking is just another product of the irresponsible "me" generation.  If you really want to get the most out of life, take a good look at your loved ones.  Then live each day as if it were their last.  
          What would you say to your wife if you knew it were the last time you would ever see her?  Suddenly, whether she squeezes the toothpaste tube from the end or the middle seems rather trivial.  How would you spend your son or daughter's last day?  At the office?  I doubt it.  The secret to a happy life is in bringing joy to those you love, and remembering why it is you love them. And no, the Jehovah's Witnesses haven't got to me.  

Dec 12 
          Supposedly humans are the most intelligent species on the planet. We’ve built massive cities and transportation systems, and we only had to cut down about half of the rainforests and destroy a third of the ozone layer to do it.  We’ve concocted medicines to eradicate most diseases, except of course for the ones caused by pollution and the lack of the ozone layer…and those pesky ones that seem to have developed an immunity to our  antibiotics.  We’ve harnessed the atom, thereby creating a whole new form of pollution that lasts for millennia, not to mention the capability to destroy the world about fifty times over.  Scientists claim we only utilize about ten percent of our brains.  Imagine the damage we could do if we could only tap into that other ninety percent.  
Dec 18 
          Caroline recently asked me if I was going all philosophical lately because of some of the things I've written in my journal.  Heck, I've always been that way.  It's just that my philosophies up until this point have always been so absurd you just didn't recognize them as such.  And here you thought I was just being witty. 

Dec 23 
          There wasn’t really anything to do at work tonight, so they found work for us.  Well, it’s not like it was hiding or anything, camouflaged and trying to blend in.  All it had to do was ask; I’d have swept it under the rug, or stuffed it under the sofa cushions with the loose change where no one would ever find it.  But no, there it was, standing right out there in the open, waiving its arms and yelling, “Look at me!”  Stupid work.