Feb 2
         Itís momís birthday today, and Groundhogís day to boot.  I can only hope my mom didnít see her shadow--sheís vacationing right now, and the last thing the Mexicans need is six more weeks of winter. 
        On the writing front, I sent off another query letter for Darkside, and two more short stories.  I also got another 250 words or so written on the Sword and Sorcery story that seems to be fighting me every creative step of the way. 

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   M O M ! ! ! (She can't read this; she doesn't  even have a computer--the heathen.) 

Feb 3
          I think there must be something wrong with the postal service.  I keep sending out queries and short stories, but all I get back are flyers and bills.  I guess thatís better than rejection letters though. 
          And speaking of which, why is everyone so all fired up about personal rejection letters?  ďDear Mr. Perry, we absolutely loved your short  story, unfortunately we think youíre a big dork.Ē  Somehow that doesnít  make me feel any better.

Feb 5
           I got a personal rejection letter today from Absolute Magnitude, and no, they didnít call me a dork.  It was their standard form letter rejection, with a couple of things checked off, and a hand-written note in pencil at the bottom.  (The evil me likes to think they used one of those big primer pencils.)  Believe it or not, it was encouraging.  Not as encouraging as a check, mind you.

Feb 7
           I had this great idea for a diet plan.  You only eat things you donít like, or stuff that gives you the runs.  No, wait--bear with me.  You can eat as much as you like (which trust me, wonít be much) and you donít have to worry about all those nasty side effects you get if you take laxatives. 
           Has anyone else noticed that when a story gives me trouble, my creativity tends to get sidetracked?

Feb 10
           My course has been delayed until March 19, so itís back to shift work for me.  We had a major snow storm yesterday.  They sent everyone home at 2:00pm except for me and two other poor shmucks--we had to stay until midnight. 
           I was feeling pretty down about my writing progress (or lack thereof) last night.  Now Iím not much of a believer in God or anything, but I am a big believer in synchronicity, so I asked for a sign.  I know, itís pretty hokey, but I figured, ďWhat the heck.Ē Did I mention I got another rejection letter today?

Feb 13 
          Iíve got several query letters out, some since August, and I havenít heard a thing.  My short stories seem to be languishing in limbo.  Iíve even emailed a couple of the agents and publishers to find out whatís up, and they havenít answered.  The only one who botherís to reply (and quite promptly, I might add) is Gordon Van Gelder. 
          Iím starting to wonder if maybe the post box Iíve been using to mail my manuscripts is in fact an interdimensional portal.  Maybe some alien life form on some far-distant planet, or a troll or faery in some alternate dimension, is enjoying my stuff right now.  Hey, Iíll take any audience I can get. 

Feb 17
           Iím doing the midnight shift again, so my brain is kind of fuzzy.  Well, actually my thought processes are fuzzy--my brain is kind of soft and squishy.  I spent six hours last night working on a plane outside in -30įC temperature, with the aircrew breathing down our necks because they just had to have this particular aircraft for their mission.  We  finally got everything together with ten minutes to spare, and then they cancelled the flight.  Worst of all, it was the only flight scheduled, which means we all could have stayed home if we'd known.  Itís a good thing they only hand out weapons when we actually need them. 

Feb 20
           Charlieís poems just came out in strangehorizons.com.  I especially like the one about the suburbs, but everyone else is enamoured with souljars.  Check them out, and decide for yourself. 
          And speaking of commercial success, have you seen the new commercials for McDonalds?  The one where they claim their drive-through service is faster than ever because they have this neat new system?  How can it possibly be faster than the old system?  The one where they just toss whatever they happen to have ready into a bag regardless of your order, because they know that by the time you figure out theyíve ripped you off, youíre already home. 

Feb 23
          Well, I'm off to the Ad Astra Con in Toronto this weekend for a little rape, looting, and pillaging.  No, wait--that's the Soldier of Fortune convention.  Hmm, wouldn't do to mix those two up now, would it.   Oh well, maybe I'll just terrorize Renya, and kidnap me a couple of publishers or agents.  Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? 
          On the Sock Monkey front, Keri's second novel, Hearts in Darkness will be out in December, 2001.  That's two books in nine months!  Why waste your time on a wannabe like me?  Click on her link at the bottom of the page to visit a successful author's website.