8 Jul
          It's going to cost me at least $800 for repairs to my car so it will pass the safety check here in Ontario. It doesn't matter that it just passed a safety check in BC, and that if I hadn't moved I'd still be allowed to drive it without getting any work done on it. 
          I wonder how much the Auto Mechanics Lobby Group (there must be one) paid the politicians to come up with that idea anyway. I mean, you have to take your car to a mechanic who checks your car over and then tells you what repairs you must pay for if you want to drive your car. Nah, there's no opportunity for abuse there--after all, we all now what fine, honest, upstanding citizens all auto mechanics are. Sure, you can take it to a different garage to have the work done, but then you have to take it back to the guy who inspected it in the first place to make sure the work is up to standard, and it's not like he'd hold a grudge or anything.
          Pen said we should just stop by the garage and drop off the sofa we were hoping to buy with that money in loo of payment.  The joys of being posted. I tell you, if the military moves me one more time I'm going to have to apply for Welfare.

9 Jul
          Pen and I went to see the new Harry Potter flick again last night. There's a movie theatre here on base--the Terra Theatre--and as luck would have it it's right across the street from our house, not more than a hundred feet away. Of course it wasn't always a movie theatre, what with this being a military base and all. It was probably a hanger or something, but it's one ginourmous building. It's basically bare-bones though, with a decent sized screen and sound system, and real movie theatre chairs and all (I was half expecting those cheap, aluminum folding chairs) but at $10 for the cost of admission for two adults, popcorn and soda included, what more do you want? And heck, I have to walk further from the parking lot to the theatre of the mega-plex we usually attend than I do from my house to the Terra. 
          Pen and I joked about bringing our daughter, the Princess, to the base theatre. Hey, if it doesn't have stadium seating, surround sound, a screen twice the size of your average drive in movie, and serve lattes at a food court bigger than the one at the West Edmonton Mall, it's not a real theatre as far as she's concerned. I figured we'd take her to the Terra and then casually let drop how we used to go to the big Mega-Plex in the city, but what with us paying for her university education and all, we've had to cut back. You know, lay on the guilt really thick. That way, hopefully she'll feel bad enough that she'll take care of Pen and I once were old--er--and not just ship us off to a home the way she planned on like I read in her journ….never mind.
          And if that doesn't do the trick, I figure the next time she visits I'll have Pen click through the slides of a Viewmaster that I bought at a second-hand store while I hum the theme song to Spiderman. Hmm...I must have been a jewish mother in a past life.
14 Jul
         Get this: Dave Perelli, the guitar player from my old band, Chasing Trees? Well, he's here in Borden, and we work in the same office, and will be teaching the same class. So of course we got together and jammed last night. 
          The Junior Ranks Club on base has a Tuesday Night Jam, and apparently nobody shows up--until us, that is. Dave knew a bass player (who just happens to be one of my old students, no less) so we sort of took over the Jam. Heck, some people even showed up to listen, so the bar was happy because of course those people just had to drink. Anyway, all we need now is a singer and we're back in business. 
         And the truth is, there's really no money in it unless you're going to give up everything else and do it professionally, so we figure we might as well go whole hog and find a keyboard player, and another guitarist, and heck, anything else that will make the band sound great. Because if you're not getting paid, per se, you might as well have fun.

           Pen's gone to visit her mom for a week, so I managed to get back into the gym today. Of course I'm as weak as a kitten now, and not one of those tough as ground glass, Tom Cat, alley-scrapping kittens either, but one of those blow-dried, diamond studded-coller-wearing, stay-in-the-house, never-leave-the-couch, prissy little kittens. But I look good, and that's all that's important.
          Oh, yeah, I sent Darkside to BAEN again, because one of my Monkey Lint Pals was nice enough to inform me that BAEN had a system crash and lost all of their submissions--a fact that Arnold Bailey verified for me when I emailed him. I think this is the fourth copy of sent them now. They're going to have so many Darkside manuscripts lying around the office they're going to think they've already published it.

15 Jul
          I've been living a life of leisure these last few weeks, and I like it a lot. As a matter of fact, I'd like to suggest that the military keep paying me to do nothing indefinitely. I'd like to, but I'm not a complete idiot. 
          Of course, one should not confuse a life of leisure (what ever happened to that stupid "I before E rule?) with a life of luxury. I may be getting paid to do nothing, but I'm not getting paid well. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure what I'm getting paid at all. My end May pay was roughly $1200; my mid Jun $1050; my end June $1900, and my mid July $330. And apparently I'm still renting a PMQ in BC, pay BC taxes and BC Health Care. Is it any wonder I'm confused?
          In the CF it's the Member's responsibility to know what he should or shouldn't be getting paid. Not the Pay Clerks, who spent months in school learning about all that stuff. As a matter of fact, in that regard they're somewhat like weathermen--they can be off the mark by a nautical mile (longer or shorter than a regular mile? Who the hell knows.) and it's still the Member's fault. Of course every time I hear myself referred to as "The Member" it cracks me up too, and I have to stop myself from saying, "Yeah, well maybe if you weren't such Big Member you could learn your freak'n job and get my pay right for once!" 
          Anyway, where was I again? Oh yeah, leisure versus luxury. At any rate, I have lot's of books to read, satellite TV, movies, a good gym, some nice running trails, and there's a nice beach nearby that we can go to and suntan and stuff. Now if it would only stop freak'n raining. Everybody whines about the rain in BC, but it's rained more here than it ever did there. Of course, that's probably just because I'm no vacation. I'm sure once I'm back to work it'll be bright and sunny again.