24 Jun
          Quick update:  We have arrived, if not in style, at least in one piece. The packers packed, the loaders loaded, and the movers moved. We got to stay in a hotel our last five days in Victoria--a beautiful ocean front room with a large balcony overlooking the harbor and city--all at Govít expense. Of course we werenít entitled to stay in a room like that, but Pen did her magic and voila
          Then it was an eleven-day trip across country in Penís Sunfire. The weather was nice, all the hotels had hot-tubs, and we only had to average about 500km a day, so it was max relax all the way.
          We arrived in Borden a week ahead of our furniture, so we stayed in hotels until it arrived. I only had to report for work for about two days--just enough time to clear in and meet everyone--and our furniture arrived. After about a month in hotels and eating in restaurants, it was actually a relief to move into our new home. (Although Pen tried to con the hotel maid into coming to our house with breakfast every morning and tidying up, but no dice.) So I got another week off to set up house. So far everything seems to fit into the new place, and the only thing they broke as far as we can determine is a lampshade. Obviously the movers are slipping. Heck, it wasnít even my favorite lampshade. 
          Then it was back to work for another week, but of course I still have to use up my summer leave, so Iíll be off from 1-25 of July. Apparently Iíll be teaching Radar Principles when I get back. The first course doesnít start until Aug, and I just have to sit in on that one. No more getting up at 0500, teaching recruits how to fold their underwear into perfect four by four squares, 13 km marches, 16 hour days six to seven days a week. Just 0730-1600, Monday to Friday--and thatís if they overwork me--teaching electronics in a nice, clean classroom. 
          Itís going to take me a while to get back to the airforce way of doing things: Iím told I stand too straight, my hair is too short, my boots too shiny, and apparently I was the only one issued a uniform with creases in it. And everyone still cringes when I call them by rank.
          Anyway, we finally have TV, and computer access, and with any luck Iíll be updating this page regularly again. Who knows, in the fall I may even treat you to Dumb Electronics Student Moments.