Mar 3
          Man, a lot of stuff has happened in the past week.  I really should update this journal.  Nahhh!

Mar 11 
          Today I did six critiques, and one Personal Evaluation Report.  That's a whole boat load of writing, considering it's not something I can submit for publication.  Of course, I still have to finish my revisions for Darkside and mail it out, finish two short stories that have been languishing in purgatory, an work on Darkside Two.  I've also got to work on the rewrite for Naejin and get it out.  And then there's those other novel ideas that are itching for attention.  I tell ya, I need to be a full time writer, just so as I can keep up with me.

Mar 15 
          I finally finished my edits for Darkside, and Iím printing it and getting it ready to send off in the mail.  Okay, thatís one down.  I took a look at my short story list to see what I had languishing there.  I figured Iíd get my act in gear and send them out too, but I found out I have six stories out all ready.  Cool! 
          On a very upbeat note, Charlie just sold two more short stories: For Want of a Nail to Fantasy and Science Fiction, and The Frontier Archipelago to On Spec.  Jason is perusing a contract with Anne Wingate, and Keriís on her 5th? with Imajinn.  I have some serious catching up to do. :-)

Mar 16 
          I mailed Darkside off today, as well as a short (500 words) story to GVG.  Keep your fingers crossed, your four leaf clovers handy, a rabbitís foot in your pocket, wear your lucky socks/underwear/hat... 
          Random thought for the day:  If Mars needs women, and Venus needs men, why do they both keep raiding Earth?

Mar 21 
          I got another rejection letter in the mail today.  Iím telling you, if I donít make a sale soon Iím going to end up in a clock tower with a big rock! (Hey, this is Canada.  Weíre not allowed guns.) 
          Note to self: Learn patience--today; tomorrow at the latest.

Mar 26 
          An agent actually requested to see the complete manuscript for Darkside!  Of course they still might choose not to represent it; maybe they just have a really wobbly desk that needs levelling.  Still, itís the most encouraging news Iíve had in ages.  Well, that and the fact that not a single piece of the MIR Space Station crashed anywhere near me. 

Mar 29 
          Iíve almost got a copy of Darkside ready to send off to the agent. Believe it or not, I ran out of paper half-way through the print job, and had to wait two days before I had the chance to get some more.  Add to that the fact that my printer outputs a whopping two pages per minute, and you can see why itís taking so long. 
          On a much happier note, itís Penís birthday today.  It doesnít really matter how old she is, since she looks much younger anyway.  (Did you notice how that male instinct for survival kicked in there?) 

          H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y  P O O K I E  !!! 

          (So much for my tough-guy image.)