17 Nov
          I was on duty this Saturday, so I thought I'd post my duty log again:

0800--Took over as Duty NCO. It was a hostile takeover. Had to wrestle MS Holowachuk two out of three falls for the duty, but finally won. Go me!

0830--Briefed fire pickets. It was a brief brief, bereft of banal banter. (Note to self: no more Dr. Seuss before bedtime.)

1300--Did rounds. Nothing Happening. Apparently Duty NCO is not as much fun as I thought it would be. (Note to self: next time let MS Holowachuk win.)

1600--Did rounds again. This time I walked counter-clockwise. I heard this is how they do it south of the equator. (Note to self: suspect someone was pulling my leg.)

2200--Did rounds--again. There's even more nothing happening this time then there was last time. (Rank Check: Still not a Sgt.)

0030--All members made muster. Marvelous. (Oh, alright--I'll stop.)

0100--Lights out. Well, off actually. 

0800--MS Boudreau arrived to relieve me of Duty Watch. I told him I never got a watch, just a cell phone, and some keys. He looked skeptical--or maybe it was annoyed. (Rank Check: Still not a Sgt.)

22 Nov
          So, I spent the last couple of weeks doing back flips, dancing the tango, skydiving with elephants--you know, the usual. Okay, I didn't really do any of that stuff (well, except for maybe the tango part, but I'll never admit it), but it sure sounds like a lot more fun than the stuff I really did.
          Typhoon Platoon graduated last Monday, so I'm recruitless until January. We had a lot of fun terrorizing them out in the field, and for once it didn't rain on me. We did have one of the coldest weeks on record, however. (Hey, I never get something for nothing.)
          On the writing front--well, there is no writing front. I'm still writing, and I've got my lines all drawn up--metaphors and similes at the vanguard, with symbolism and anecdotes bringing up the rear, and automatapia and syntax performing a flanking maneuver on both sides. Problem is, the enemy is nowhere to be found. Maybe it's because Ebear delivered a crushing blow to the agents and publishers with her three-book deal. Conga Rats, Ebear!