North American Sprint
         S/O/L/P 100 WATTS, 20-40-80 METRE.
         Contest Date: 09/13/1998
Mode: CW
     Station Callsign: VE3TDG      
     State or Country: ON  
                 Name: Sylvain Labre           
              Address: 115 RANG ST-JEAN CON 7  
       City/State/Zip: ALFRED,ON CANADA K0B1A0, ON      
     band        QSOs       mults
      20SSB        20          0
      40SSB        34          0
      80SSB        21         24
     total:        75         24     claimed score:      1,800
     Are you a member of a pre-registered team?  [] NO   [] YES          
     Team Name: _________________________________________________________
     I, by virtue of my statement below, have taken part in the NCJ North
     American Sprint,  conscientiously  applying  my most  ethical inter-
     pretation of the rules for this contest as set forth in the National
     Contest Journal.
     Date_________ Signature____________________________ Call____________

Mise a jour: 24 / Jan / 2000

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