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Marie Belanger at 17, circa 1886

Marie Belanger (born 1869 in Montreal) was the daughter of Christophe Belanger and Marguerite Grenier. She married Francois Lafrance, the eldest son of Onesime and Sophie Lafrance, in St. Albert in 1889. Her descendants include persons of these families:

Lafrance of Sturgeon Falls
Lafrance of Windsor
Lafrance of Sudbury
Dufresne of Sturgeon Falls
Begin of Sturgeon Falls
Levac of Sturgeon Falls
Henri of Sturgeon Falls
Laurence of Sturgeon Falls
Laurence of Sudbury
Rousseau of Sudbury
St-Amour of Sudbury
Lebrun of Timmins
Meunier of Timmins
Lapointe of Windsor
Lajeunesse of Kitchener
Guthrie of Kitchener
de la Chevrotiere of Kitchener
Roberge of Verner