Jessie is a 12 year old dalmatian and loves riding shotgun to Splatman.  Ask her if she wants to gor for a ride in the Jeep and she can hardly contain herself.

Jessie always wears a harness in the Jeep.  The harness is secured to the roll bar and will prevent her from falling out - riding with no doors makes for great “wind up the nose factor”

Jaz is Jessie’s younger sister and is 10 years old.  Though Jaz loves to have fun she’s not as brave as Jessie in the Jeep.

Jaz would rather go for a run, chase & catch rabbits or empty her toybox.  She also loves her “boy dog-friends”

Indy is a 9 year old whippet - Splatman’s “Princess”.  She has her field championship for lure coursing (chasing white plastic bags around a field, instinctively thinking they are rabbits).  Indy is not thrilled with the Jeep, in fact she’d rather stretch out and sunbathe in her back yard or go for a run.

Jessie has taught Ripley, 5 year old whippet, that Jeeps are cool.  Ripley only likes the Jeep when stationary in the driveway, it makes way too much noise when moving (engine, exhaust and tires!)

Ripley, like Indy, prefers sunning in the back yard and going for long runs, though she is quite at home as a couch potato too.


Our dogs only eat Eukanuba Dog Foods! made by IAMS

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