spruce haven pet

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm Sunday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Tel: 779.2423 Fax: 779.2424 Email: Spruce Haven

Frequently Asked Qestions:

Q: Can I bring my pet's personal bedding?
A: Yes you may, However, we put down a raised platform called kennel decking, designed to keep the dogs up off the concrete.On top of the kennel decking,your bedding will be placed or clean bedding which we provide.

Q: Is someone there to take care of the pets in the evenings or weekends and on holidays when you are not open?
A: We have staff tending to our canine and feline guests 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. In addition, the owners live on the premises.

Q: Can I bring toys and treats for my pet?
A: Yes, we encourage you to bring toys and treats for your pet. Please use some discretion in selecting toys that your pet will not chew into small pieces.

Q: Do I need to bring my pet's own food?
A: You may if you wish however, we provide everything necessary to care for your pets including high-quality balanced dry and semi-moist premium foods and water bowls. You need to provide the food if your dog is on a veterinarian prescribed diet.

Q: Is the kennel area heated and air conditioned?
A: Yes, we have forced air heating systems for the winter and along with paddle fans and large power exhausts to exchange the air. Your dogs will stay very comfortable no matter what the outside temperature or weather is like. In the cold winter months we always close in all dogs during the night so they stay warm and free of drafts. The building is well insulated and remains cool during the hot summer days.

Q: Will my pet come home with fleas?
A: No, we do not send pets home with fleas. Upon check in, we inspect each pet thoroughly. If fleas, ticks or evidence of them are found, we must first treat the pet prior to entering the kennel or cattery. In addition we treat the entire facility with a broad spectrum germicidal disinfectant which also repels fleas and other types of insects.

Q: Can my two cats share a condo?
A: Yes, if they are of average size and get along fine, we would encourage you to board your two cats together in the same three level cat condo.

Q: I have two or more dogs. Can they stay together?
A: Yes, our dog facilities are very large. As long as your dogs get along together, they may share the same indoor/outdoor run. We offer two different size runs (Standard or King), and we will select the run best suited for your dogs. Most of our multi-dog owners do board their dogs together. Normally each dog has its own private indoor/outdoor run, unless you specifically ask to have your pets boarded together.

Q: What if there is an emergency medical problem?
A: We have access to several excellent veterinarians. We treat every guest as we would our own children and will assure them the best attention available.

Q: How do I select a good kennel for my pets?
A: Before boarding your pet, we strongly encourage pet owners to take the time to visit the facility. Don't just visit the office area; insist on seeing the actual kennel area where the pets are boarded. Are the kennels and surrounding areas clean? What kind of disinfectant is used to sanitize the pet accommodations? Talk to the owners and staff of the kennel. Do they appear to be knowledgeable? Be sure to visit during normal business hours.

Q: What must I bring with me when checking in my pet?
A: (1) The most important item would be proof of current vaccinations from your vet. We do not accept check off type health booklets. If we can not confirm that your pet is current on all vaccinations, we will not allow your pet to enter our boarding facilities.

(2) The next most important item would be your itinerary with phone numbers. We want to be able to reach you should we have a question concerning the care of your pet. We don't care where in the world you're going! If you will be near a phone, we want the number! A hotel phone number, cell phone or pager number is fine. As a last resort we will take the number of a family member or friend, but our preference is to be able to reach you directly.

(3) Leash and collar for dogs - your dog must be on a leash and under your control at all times. Other optional items include: treats, toys, chews, etc... You do not need to bring food unless your dog is on a veterinarian prescribed diet.