Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm Sunday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Tel: 779.2423 Fax: 779.2424 Email: Spruce Haven

SERVICES: We provide boarding for dogs and cats as well as dog grooming.

BACKGROUND: Founded and operated by the Marshall family since 1977, and has expanded to a capacity of over 100 boarded pets.

LOCATION: Located in the counrtyside on the west side of Sault Ste Marie at 2016 Third Line west on 30 acres of land.

FACILITIES:DOG: We have one of the largest facilites in Northern Ontario with 80 indoor / outdoor runs, which enable each dog to enjoy its own indoor and outdoor security run. This allows freedom to exercise as socialize without contacting other dogs. The building is heated and has air exchanges for a healthy environment.

CATS: We have inside condos for cats in abright and airy, quiet area separated from canine quarters, with needed heat and air exchangers.

EXPERIENCE: Spruce Haven and the owner Helen Marshall has gained a reputation for being a knowledgeable and caring provider for pets left in her care. An ablility to observe and evaluate the needs of the boarded pets,and satisfy those needs is one of the assets Spruce Haven possesses. Helen Marshall has considerable expertise in giving medication for aged or infirm pets.

HEALTH: Protecting and promoting the health of the boarded pets is a major function at Spruce Haven. All boarded pets must have up to date vacinations covering a full range of shots including parvo,distemper,bordatello, etc. Close liason with the verterinarians ensures this is the case. Proof of vacinations is reqiured before a pet is boarded.

CLEANLINESS: Regular daily cleaning of each pets area is standard practice.

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