A Tripthych

By Stephen Gowans

Portrait of a racist

"Each Palestinian baby, when he was born, he took with the milk of his mother incitement against the Jews." Israel President Moshe Katsav, countering suggestions that Israel bears some responsibility for Palestinian violence (Globe and Mail, Mar. 8, 2002).

Having attributed the Intifada to nothing more than a Palestinian scunner, Katsav went on to suggest that Palestinian deaths at the hands of the IDF -- far outnumbering Israeli deaths -- were "accidental".

Portrait of a stooge

 "Many of us did not go to fight the settler regime in order to install a British puppet like Tsvangirai." Zimbabwe external affairs chief Didymus Mutasa, on Morgan Tsvangirai, the British backed leader of Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change, denouced as a stooge of white and foreign interests by the country's president Robert Mugabe. (Globe and Mail, Mar. 8, 2002).

Tsvangirai has warned that if he doesn't win the upcoming election, violence will ensue. If elected, or thrust into power by a coup, Tsvangirai would surrender Zimbabwe's economy to the IMF.

He has no concrete plans for land reform.

Tsvangirai was recently caught on videotape discussing  Mugabe's 'elimination' .

Tsvangirai has, on another occasion, demanded Mugabe step down, or be forced out of office by violence.

Tsvangirai's party is inaptly named. It should be call the British-backed Movement for Change, Through Foreign Meddling in Elections or by Violence if Necessary.

Portrait of a hypocrite

"It does not and should not have jurisdiction over a non-party state." Pierre-Richard Prosper, US war crimes ambassador-at-large, on the International Criminal Court, which Washington refuses to sign on to.

The ICC would replace ad hoc war crimes tribunals, like the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY).

 Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, on trial for murder, deportation and genocide before the ICTY, argues The Hague Tribunal is illegal. To paraphrase Milosevic:  "It does not and should not have jurisdiction over a non-party state."

The ICTY was not agreed to by Yugoslavia or approved by the UN Assembly. It was established by the UN Security Council, at the insistence of the United States, and more specifically Madeline Albright, who as Secretary of State some years later was heard to remark, "Milosevic deserves some bombing." Albright is also infamous for her statement that the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children -- the result of US-led sanctions against Iraq -- were regrettable but worth it. Kind of like Israel's racist President Moshe Katsav (how could the president of a racist state be anything but racist?) saying it's unfortunate accidents happen and Palestinian women and children get killed, but hey, we've got some territories to conquer -- it's worth it.

 So, where does Prosper get off saying the ICC can't try Americans because Americans didn't agree to the court, but that Washington can set up a court to try anyone it damn well pleases?