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"SUPER-CYCLONE" kits are a replica of a Cessna 180-185 offering basically the same advantages with improved performances. The kit is an all aluminium construction. The performance increase comes primarily from a longer wing, an extra foot of wing per side at the root of the wing, not at the wing tip, thus better STOL, cruise, payload and fuel capacity.

Being an easy to build kit, with a minimum of equipment, is only one of the advantages of the "SUPER-CYCLONE". You can choose between numerous options of gross weight, floatplane kit, instrumentation and engine configuration.

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Four (4) places, all aluminium;
200 to 350 HP;
Usefull load 1500 lbs. (with a 300 - 350 HP motor);
Gross weight 3500 lbs;
Stall speed 38 - 40 mph
Cruise speed 165 mph;
Wheel, ski or float option;
New Gullwing door;
Wings and flaps one (1) foot longer at the root.
Super-Cyclone kit manufacturer

The Super-Cyclone kit is built exclusively with certified aircraft grade aluminium : 2024 T3, 6061 T6, 7075 T6.

Info-pack and video available : $25.00 USA / $30.00 CANADA

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