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Become a Member or Associate Member
of St. Matthew's

There are two forms of membership at St. Matthew's United Church:

Associate Membership

If you wish to be an Associate Member, we will put you / your family on our congregational list. You will go on our mailing list so that we can keep you informed about socials and events and you will get a copy of our monthly online newsletter, "St. Matthews Matters". We will understand that you now regard us as your “home church”. You are invited:
St. Matthew's
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  • to take part in any and all programs and activities of the congregation.
  • to serve on committees and the Official Board of the congregation.
  • to contribute time, talent, and treasure to support the congregation's mission.
  • to vote at meetings which involve the future directions of our mission.
  • to seek to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

And that makes us very glad indeed!

You are invited to become a full member of St. Matthew's United Church.

Please contact our minister by sending email to the church office.  You need only indicate the name of your former United Church in which you held membership.

As a member of another church other than the United Church of Canada, you need to indicate your former church and membership status when speaking to the minister.

Adult Confirmation
If you have never been a member of the United Church or any other church, then you can become a member by Confirmation. The Adult Confirmation process involves attending a set of meetings which introduce you to the United Church of Canada and to basic Christian Faith. These meetings are convened at a time convenient for you and the minister.

To Contact us:

333 Crosby Avenue,  Richmond Hill  ON  L4C 2R5
(Crosby Ave. is between Bayview Ave. and Yonge St. north of Major MacKenzie Ave.)
Phone:   905-884-3606