St. Matthew's has been blessed with caring ministers willing to share their time and energy to help our congregation move closer to God.
Our Current  Minister
Rev. Warren Ball

started May 1, 2016

Warren Ball
Our Past Ministers
Terry_Thom Wayne_Reed James_Clarke
Rev. Terry Thom
2010 to 2015
Rev. Wayne Reed
2001 to 2009
Rev. James Clarke
  1993 to 2000
James_Cullen Bruce_Roffey Jan
Rev. James Cullen
1989 to 1992
Rev. Bruce Roffey
1983 to 1988

Rev. Jan Rhijnsburger
1980 - 1982
Morar_Murray_Hayes Harold Martin John_McTavish
Rev. Morar Murray-Hayes
1977 to 1980
Rev. Harold Martin
1976 - 1977
Rev. John McTavish
1970 to 1975
Rev. James Burn
1963 to 1970
Rev. William Patterson
1958 - 1963

Our Ministerial Students

Several students for ministry have grown from the ranks of our congregation. These include: G. King, S. Worsfold, W.J. Patterson, C. Lawrence, A. Jones and J. Jones.


To Contact us:

333 Crosby Avenue,  Richmond Hill  ON  L4C 2R5
(Crosby Ave. is between Bayview Ave. and Yonge St. north of Major MacKenzie Ave.)
Phone:   905-884-3606