Current Updates


            Starmist Playing Cinderalla Goes Best Of Winners and a BPIG at  Kawarthat Kennel Club  July 6, 2009

                  Starmist DreamWorks goes Best puppy in Breed then on to a BPIG  Kawartha Kennel Club  July 3, 2009

            2008  We did really no showing this years as we Breed 2 bitches in the early summer and had 2 litter in August we look forward to having them out in 2009

            Starmist Solitaire goes Best of Breed Out of the Senior Puppy Class and Finishes her Canadian Championship Nippissing Kennel Club  Oct / 07

            Starmist Solitaire goes Best of Winner and  a Best Of Opposite  Pine Ridge Kennel Club October / 07

            Starmist Solitaire goes Best Of Breed  for 5 point  At SDG August  /07

            Starmist Fairfax Revenir goes Winner Bitch and then on to Best of Winners at Ontario County Kennels Club, June 11,2006 under Judge: Barbara Innes. This finishes Blanches Canadian Championship. A special Thanks goes to Debbie Vandyke and Shelley McHugh- Bouman

            Starmist Fairfax Revenir goes Winner Bitch at Ontario County Kennel Club June 10,2006

            Starmist Fairfax Revenir goes Winner Bitch then onto Best of Winners at Seaway Kennels Club,  May 6, 2006  under Judge: Betty McHugh

            Starmist Lunar Eclipse goes Winners Dog for his first point at 6 months old At Nipissing Kennel Club, October 8,2005 under Judge: Mr. Ole Neilson

            BPIG Ch. Starmist Clear Blue Sky (SKY) goes Winners Bitch at Pine Ridge Kennel Club Judge: Ms. A Ingram to complete her Championship. October 2 2005

            Ch. Shelhaven Starmist Centerfold  ( Paige) goes Best of Winner at Nickels Kennel Club Judge:  Fred Heal on September 15,2005 this gives Paige her Championship and her Dam Ch. Laureate Savanna White her ROMC

           Shelhaven Starmist Centerfold  (Paige) goes Winners Bitch and  Best Of Winner for 5 points under Mr. M Thornton beautiful handled by Shelly Mchugh-Bouman At Limestone City Kennel Club on July 24, 2005

                    Starmist Clear Blue Sky  (Sky) Goes Winner Bitch under Judge : Dr. Francisco Chapa for 3 points at the Kars Show July 17, 2005

                   Shelhaven Starmist Centerfold   ( Paige) goes Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at Kars Community Recreation Association Show for her first 4 points under Judge: Shari Robinson             July 15 2005

                  Starmist Clear Blue Sky ( Sky) goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BEST OF BREED, and a Best Puppy in Group under Judge: Mr. F Dewsbury at Kingston & District Kennel Club for 5 points  June 17,2005

              Starmist The Sorcerer   (Potter ) takes a Best puppy in Breed the on to a Best puppy in Group in Judge: Merlin Vanderkinder   May 7, 2005                               

                   Starmist The Sorcerer   ( Potter) goes Puppy In Sweeps at the Shetland Sheepdog club of British Columbia in Judge: Owen Hopper   May 6 ,2005  

                    Shelhavens Tarantino   ( Quentin) goes Winner Dog Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed at Pictou Kennel Club Show for his first 4 points at 7 months of age.

                    Starmist The Sorcerer  (Potter) Goes Winner male for his first point (1) under Judge: Mrs. Barbara Beland                   


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