Starmist Kennels


*****************About Us*****************



Starmist Kennels started back in the early 70's, under the watchful eye of Elsie-May Lang.

As a matter of fact her first application for a KENNEL NAME went in as LANGDALE.

There was already an application on file for this kennel name so Langdale was withdrawn and she reapplied with

 STARMIST in December 1976.

Our first sheltie, became a Conformation and an Obedience Champion.

As a daughter of a Dog obsessed women I spent many weekends either in the ring or outside watching or helping out in anyway possible. I believe I enjoyed the dogs as much as her, well almost.

My Mother carried on the Starmist name until April 22, 2000,.

at which time she transferred Starmsit Kennels into my name.

Diane Lang-Foster.

She has become my sheltie book that I rely on when the answer isn't in the Sheltie Talk book.

I am sure that I have either woken her up or kept her up on many evenings keeping the phone lines open for her voice on the other end of the phone to tell me what she thinks I should do next.

Outside the Conformation ring she is a smiling face cheering us on.

She plays a big roll in all the decisions that I make.

 At Starmist Kennels our goal is to product Shelties that are GREAT in the show ring as well as family COMPANIONS.

We have a small amount of dogs. They all  live in our house with us. They are exercised regularly, they enjoy going for walks, boat rides, and the odd one enjoys jumping on the ATV and going along for the ride.

They are not to impressed when stranger arrive, but get over it in a hurry when they discover that no one means any harm.

I am a member in good standing with the C.K.C. and the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association.

Please feel free to drop us a line.