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FINALLY ... PLAY RETRO-HANGMAN this is the demo there are a few wrinkles left to iron out-but in the meantime ENJOY!
~added APRIL 17/99

80's Radio Show!!
Live streaming 80's show !
Hosted by yours truly on
New Wave~Rock~Punk~Goth and Cheese

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QUIZ  A...NAME THAT BAND! Updated April 7/99

Ultimate 80's Songs  as voted by you!

QUIZ  B..enjoy this weekly RETRO Poll !


80'S GALLERY QUIZ..Updated April 5/99


  80's CHATROOM  Gathering place to chat about the 80's

80's Story     See how many song references there are in this gem!

  Retro Quiz ! Totally INTERACTIVE....TOTALLY!

NEW!! yet another 80's quiz ...give it a try!

NEW!! YES! Yet another 80's quiz.-newest



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