576 muskies have been caught and released over the 1998 - 2003 seasons; an average
of 96 muskies boated per year.   This number includes a total of 43 trophy class
Kawartha muskies exceeding 45" in length (roughly 25 pounds), which have been boated
and successfully released.  (Note:  Kawartha fish RARELY exceed more than 35 pounds
due to genetics, population densities, and forage base.)

Included in this catch are a total 468 "legal" muskies (that is, a muskie of 34" or more
during the 1998 to 2000 seasons, and of 36" or more in the 2001-2002 seasons), which
includes 259 muskies of 40" or more.

I do not target smaller fish, although I could drastically increase my total number of fish
boated if I chose to do so.  My clients are a mix of anglers looking for their first muskie,
their first "legal" muskie, their first muskie over 40", their first trophy class fish, or numbers
of larger fish.  While I do my best to accommodate each client's wish, I am continually
striving to target fish in the 40" category and up.

Last updated:  January 4, 2004

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